High flow rate tubes are one of the most innovative creation in aeration tubes category. Aeration tubes provide better oxygen level throughout season. These tubes are designed especially for nurseries and ponds. Among wide range of high flow rate tubes, AirOxi provides wide range of aeration tubes which is preferred choice among farmers and aeration industries.

Fish farming and aeration are crucial for a healthy aquaculture life. Like animals, fish must obtain adequate amount of dissolved oxygen to meet better metabolic demands. Low level of dissolved oxygen can produce slow fish production and fish may consume less feed and be more open to infectious disease eventually leading to unhealthy aquatic life. Whereas, a high level of oxygen not only provides healthy fish production, but also balances a healthy aquaculture by eliminating toxins and ammonia.

RAS or Recirculating Aeration System, is the advanced method in fish farming to improve fish production and profitability. The system ensures in providing excellent water management in terms of quality and filtration. Fish species like Tilapia need heathy aqua life therefore, recirculating aeration system provides excellent management of water in terms of quality and the filtration. Farmers realised that to obtain high yield fish production, advanced aeration systems are necessary that makes use of RAS to ensure optimal oxygen supply. Further, recirculating aeration system can be implemented in limited space for high density fish farming with better aeration tubes by trusted companies like AirOxi Tube.

AirOxi Tube-Aquaculture Industry in Kuwait

Biofloc technology or BFT enhances environmental control over fish production. The need for this system in fish farming is essential for generating nitrogen cycle by supporting better carbon and nitrogen ration. Excretion of toxic wastage, ammonia nitrate and converting it into beneficial product called proteinaceous feed is the main function of biofloc system. During water exchange problems under high stocking fish density ponds or tanks, this is one of the most effective technology for maintaining optimal quality by improving improves the fish survival rate, feed conversion and growth performance, productivity and bio-security by preventing the risks associated with dangerous pathogens and water pollution. Further the technology is eco-friendly culture system therefore, a fish farmer does not need to worry as the system demands limited water exchange. Since this method; you can expect optimal productivity.

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Thus, high flow tubes help in sustaining excellent water quality by providing adequate amount of dissolved oxygen. The aeration system can lead to high rise in toxic level if failed to dissolve adequate amount of oxygen and maintain ecological environment for fish farming. The benefit with high flow rate tubes in fish farming and for the farmers are crucial and effective in sense of production, water level maintenance, and balancing water temperature for efficient productivity.

Farmers have realised that advanced high rated tubes provide better aeration, and which is necessary for generating healthy production in fish farming. The effectiveness of advanced high flow rated aeration tubes for fish farmers are:

  • It provides an edge over traditional fish farming
  • Minimum electricity consumption and more aeration
  • Low maintenance and algae resistant
  • Provides proper circulation of oxygen in in-depth water
  • Effective for both small and big water circumference

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