Pond preparation is a critical aspect when it comes to shrimp and other type of fish farming. Many farmers have to deal with the risk of shrimp disease outbreaks and, such a situation leads to considerable decrease in production. Good cleaning practices between cultures assume an importance of paramount in such a situation.

Smart farmers reduce the risk factors to minimal levels by preparing the pond effectively. They make use of high quality aeration methods to leave nothing to guesswork and this method of approach guarantees excellent results. In shrimp farming, you cannot undermine the importance of cleaning the pond in a systematical and timely manner. The same theory applies to all types of fish farming. The bottom line is that of you do not clean the pond properly; you cannot maintain water quality at optimal levels. Many farmers are of the opinion that it is a difficult production factor to comprehend, predict and manage. Lack of correct cleaning methods leads to shrimp deaths, outbreak of diseases, poor feed conversion, reduced growth and many other management problems.

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Remove the debris, dirt and other leftovers

Many farmers over-feed their shrimps or fish and the unused food settles down in the bottom of the pond. Other types of dirt and debris also accumulate at the bottom and all these things deteriorate the water quality seriously. The fish waste also plays a role in reducing the quality of the water. It is always advisable not to feed your fish more than once per day. All excess and leftover food must be removed using the best cleaning methods and the most effective option available is to make use of well advanced aeration methods. Successful farmers also clean their ponds between cultures to create the most congenial surrounding for the shrimp or fish to grow faster.

Leaving dirt, debris, fish waste and food leftovers promotes the decaying process

When you allow the debris and dirt to remain in the pond, they decay along with the food leftovers and fish waste and, the water quality comes down significantly. This situation leads to ammonia spike up in the pond. It creates a hostile environment for shrimps and other types of fish species. The farmers must clean the pond not to allow the debris and other impurities to decay.

Learn about conventional cleaning methods

In order to remove both organic and phosphatic wastes, farmers generally make use of ploughing, liming and drying methods. The disadvantage of these methods is that they could create a negative impact on the water and soil quality that leads to reduction in the production capacity of the pond. That is exactly where the importance of advanced methods such as aeration comes in.

Use high quality aeration methods

A high-quality aeration system offers immense benefits. It helps you clean your fish pond between cultures in the best possible way by insuring that the pond does not get that dirty on account of food or debris. Well aerated ponds will always have reduced algae growth and, our high quality systems offer aeration from the bottom of the pond. The best aquaculture aeration methods allow the air columns to rise so that the dissolved oxygen levels in the water increase and the process of stratification is also disrupted. The decaying process of organic materials produce toxins and this problem can be addressed with better aeration. It is extremely important for the vitality and vigorous health of the shrimps. The oxygen levels can be restored effectively and the most sophisticated aeration system encourages zooplankton growth, a highly beneficial food for fish. The bottom line is that oxygenating the pond eliminates the presence of all harmful components to create the most suitable environment for the shrimps.

Proper cleaning methods ensure supreme water quality and stress-free environment for the shrimps and other types of fish to thrive. This situation meets the best biological, chemical and physical standards for the fish’s normal health and the productivity of the farm will manage to achieve better heights. All these aspects point out the importance of maintaining good cleaning practices.

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