Our AirOxi Tube floating diffusion grid is a ready to use aeration system, fitted with aeration tubes and a blower on top of a frame that is floating on the surface of water. The blower and the motor are part of this aeration system outside water, while the aeration tubes are suspended at a depth of 1 metre below the water surface. The floating diffusion grid minimises the necessity of buying separate tubes for aeration. It is a totally self-sustaining diffuser grid, in which the motor and the blower hang on the surface, whereas the tubes are suspended in water at a depth of 1 meter. The floating diffuser grid is applicable for approximately 1 unit for 1200 Kg of biomass (theoretical calculation). No piping or separate blower required for this installation. It is totally light in weight built out of dye cast aluminium for the purpose of floating. It is also designed in a unique modular frame for easy. There are mostly two floating diffusion grid models available, SS frame and MS frame PP coated.

The biggest advantage of floating diffusion grid is that due to its constant blowing of air, bubbles are formed spontaneously which lead to equal distribution of food particles in water. Floating diffusion grid can be used for small scale ponds meant for private or commercial farming. It has a huge turnover of fresh water and marine products due to a balanced food cycle that consists of algae, fishes, mussels, shrimps and squids. Unlike traditional methods of aeration like paddle wheels or panel sprinklers, floating diffusion grids have very less water consumption. Floating diffusion grids have a very large ratio of total surface area to water volume compared to large bubbles. It also needs minimum electricity consumption compared to other traditional methods of aeration. It maintains a uniform flow of oxygen, even at night when the oxygen level in the air decreases.

  • High flow and small bubble size AO125250 – AR – Algae Resistant tubes of size 12.5 x 25.0 used.
  • Special high air flow design. 80 m3/hour flow rate (1300 litres per min)
  • 5 HP / 0.375 KW, 3 phase or single phase motor
  • Low noise – 65 db. Light weight – 12 Kg Pressure Die Cast Aluminium body
  • 4 feet total height including 1 foot height of legs for safety. Even in low water level, tubes will stay 1 foot above pond floor
  • Option of PP coated MS frame or SS-304 frame
  • Non- return valve to separate blower from water
  • Sturdy leak proof high wall thickness UPVC pipes with threaded nipples
  • Modular design for easy assembly and storage

If you’re interested in installation of floating diffusion grid systems, then you may contact AirOxi Tube for all the details, regarding how to begin aquaculture, the kind of aeration needed, the servicing, repair and replacement of the floating grid and its accessories, according to the area available and the proper pricing for installation. We’re even offering you discount for special installation purposes. AirOxi Tube is one stop shop for all your aeration solutions in aquaculture.

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