Since an aeration setup helps the farmers in aquaculture activities, they should resort to the best quality of tubes and products that will give them the maximum benefits keeping in mind Aeration Setup And Maintenance costs. They should opt for AirOxi Tube in order to save time, money, and energy while getting the benefits of this technology of aeration tube. AirOxi provides with aeration solutions which can provide more oxygen in an aqua body and also help maintain higher growth of aquatic life in the ponds. Farmers should choose AirOxi Tube to get more advantages in when it comes to aeration for fish / shrimp farming.

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AirOxi Tube has been found to be better than an imported aeration tubes (or Aero Tube, aero-tube, as farmers often refer to this product). AirOxi is manufactured, and assembled in India and designed as per Indian pond conditions. It is also more reasonably priced because of local manufacturing. Even the quality control is strict and continuous, at the source of manufacturing itself. They are more suitable for the Indian waters and understand the need of Indian farmer and help them work better and faster. AirOxi tube is the best alternative to imported aero tubes (as they are called sometimes) because it is manufactured to satisfy the needs of the farmers in India and is designed keeping in mind the water qualitythat is prevalent in the country. There are many more benefits to choosing AirOxi tube, such as follows:

Aeration Setup And Maintenance is easy

  • The tube is manufactured with high quality standards by an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  • It is cheaper as it is made in India and the farmers can afford it on their budget.
  • It does not disturb aquatic life.
  • It dissolves more amount of oxygen in the water body per HP of power used – approximately 3.6 Kg/ HP/ hour as compared to 1.4 Kg/ HP / hour for a paddle aerator

AirOxi Tube has a better aeration setup and maintenance as it is made in India and is not relied on other countries for its manufacturing and delivery. The aeration products are made specially to cater to the needs of Indian fish and shrimp farmers. Our representatives can also offer farmers a Dissolved Oxygen meter and a water testing kit to study the requirements better before suggesting on a aeration solution setup.

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