AirOxi Tube manufactures the latest in aeration solutions for aquaculture and is helping farmers by providing efficient systems which do not require a very large investment. We not only manufacture aeration tubes, but also support farmers with installation and maintenance support.

Our Aeration Solutions are used for commercial aqua cultural purposes across the country and we ensure that dissolved oxygen remains high, by dissolving it through small bubbles in the tube.

After studying the solutions sold by the competition we are confident that we can provide a better aeration solutions at competitive prices in international markets. So on identifying a demand in the international markets likeas Egypt, Israel and Africa we have now decided to market AirOxi to these countries – if you would like to partner with us by assisting in selling locally in the mentioned countries please contact us.

Our aim is to become a leading Aeration Solution Exporter from India. Our Aeration solution and the equipment we install work on a simple principle – dissolve oxygen better and faster via tubes and grids. Every solution of ours depends on the factors present in the fish pond or shrimp farm – we offer farmers a solution after we study their requirements and yield goals. Also our solution reduces the stress on the hatchlings of fish or prawns by not splashing the water, and diffusing ammonia as the bubbles rise up, thereby reducing the mortality rate.

The implementation of Aeration solution as it has a lot of advantages:

  • Our solutions are energy efficient and reduce running costs
  • It increases the DO levels in the water and helps maintain the same 24×7
  • The tube can be installed deep to get higher percent of oxygen dissolution
  • The method of aeration is through diffusion, aquatic life is not disturbed or harmed
  • The maintenance of the tubes is easy

Take a look at more Benefits of AirOxi Tube Aeration Solutions

If you are looking for a modern aeration solution for your pond, farm or hatchery, AirOxi is the answer. Since our aeration solutions provide smooth flow in the water and have longer durability, many aquaculture farmers across the world have been demanding for this brand of aeration solution. You can contact AirOxi tube for all your aeration solutions need in order to get many benefits out of your aquaculture.

For more information feel free to call: +91 – 7285017087