The final phase of aquaculture production occurs in grow out ponds where juveniles are grown to adulthood. For a healthy fish/shrimp yield it is essential that the DO levels are maintained and the ammonia levels are monitored and under control. High Flow Tube by AirOxi Tube is an ideal solution to install in a grow out pond. It can be used in wide range of aquaculture production like grow out ponds, cage culture, nurseries and hatcheries and others.

With specifically designed in 1-inch diameter inner outlet, there is no restriction to airflow. This also allows in continuous high flow rate of small bubbles for a long period of time.The flow inlet/ inner diameter and bigger circumference provides high longevity of the tube without any chocking issues. The high flow tube has double the flow rate compared to conventional aeration tubes available in the market. The key benefits of the tube help in dissolving oxygen level uniformly in both salt and fresh water.

    • The tube consists of 1-inch inner diameter
    • The outside diameter is 1.5- inch
    • It provides four times flow area than regular tube available in the market
    • It also provides 50% more circumference and aeration surface than regular conventional tube.
    • Because of its high dissolved oxygen level, it is specially designed for high density culture in nurseries, RAS, waterways and bio-floc systems.

The high flow tubes are highly advanced and can be installed without any hassle. The flexibility and ease of installation makes the tube easy to manage for any fish / shrimp  farmer. Compared to other conventional tubes the thickness of the high flow tube covers more surface area and bubbles. The larger inner diameter offers high flow rate, this helps in good mix of dissolved oxygen (DO). The high flow tube by AirOxi Tube is the most innovative aeration tube available in the market. For an optimal fish production and healthy fish life span, good quality of aeration tube is vital for maintaining water quality and fish farming.

Aeration tubes can be considered as one of the advanced technology for water aeration. For a healthy and sustainable fish growth a good water aeration is highly important. A fresh and balanced water temperature with adequate amount of oxygen provides a growth to fish culture.Be it any kind of fish farming like shrimp, tilapia and other fish species, high flow tubes tubing system provides highest level of oxygen to the water with utmost efficiency.

Some of the major advantages of high flow tubes of AirOxi Tube are:

  • The tube provides fine micro bubbles and the surface area of the bubble becomes larger to promote optimal level of oxygen transfer from air to water.
  • It does not create noise while functioning and therefore the aquatic life is not disturbed.
  • A high improvement of Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE) can be seen in this tube with around 3 times higher efficiency in comparison with other conventional products available in the market.
  • Be it in-depth water, hatcheries or nurseries, high flow rate tube provides flexibility and extreme beneficial in fish production in both salt and fresh water.
  • The inlet diameter of 1-inch and outer diameter of 1.5-inch provides high flow rate.

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However, farmers must be enough to follow the right method of aeration tube installation, our team will provide all the required support. A well installed tube ensures in better functioning without disturbing the aquatic life. With easy maintenance and hassle-freesetup high flow tube is preferred by every farmer and for a sustainable aquaculture growth.

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