The shrimp cultivation is a lucrative commercial activity, across the globe. The demand for shrimp has led to an increase the production. The scope of this industry is vast, as it has a huge customer base in food industry.  Seafood is consumed on a daily basis, by large section of the society. Shrimp are popular with those living in coastal areas, and since it can be preserved and sold, it has a wider range of customers to cater to and thus increasing the commercial value.

The shrimp cultivation has potential to grow in leaps and bounds – it can be added greatly by better aeration in ponds / shrimp farms. The process starts with having the right knowledge and having the right equipment to assist the farmer cultivating the shrimp in a manner which is economic and sustainable for the farmer.

AirOxi Tube provides the farmer with every kind of support when it comes to installation and maintenance of an aeration solution.  Since an aeration system is essential to ensure a successful cultivation of shrimp ( read more about the benefits of installing an aeration system ). An average farmer is not always read to shift to modern aeration solutions because of the assumption that it may be a complicated process and maintenance costs would be higher which is not true. Our team not only demonstrates the working and maintenance of our aeration systems they are also on call if the farmer is in need for help when it comes to our aquaculture aeration solution. Our team is will help set up, maintain, and guide the farmer to make changes to their approach so that shrimp cultivation is more economical and efficient with our Aeration Solutions Installations and Commercial Tubes .

We believe that the shrimp production would benefit considerably by using our aerations tubes the major factor being the reduction in cost, and making it easier for the farmer. The efficiency and economic benefits for increasing the production can be huge, as the support team is there to solve any issues or problems the farmer may encounter in the process of cultivation.

Studies have shown that shrimp production is higher in ponds where modern Aeration solutions like aeration tube are installed. So if you are shrimp farmer and have an issue in increasing your farms yield then you must take a closer look at your current installation system. Our team can come take a look at your farm use the latest tools to check the DO levels and suggest a better aeration system and also guide with the installation and maintenance.

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