Modern Aeration solutions are vital to the increase in yield of a fish/prawn/shrimp farm because of the fact that oxygen dissolves faster, more consistently and at a lower energy consumption.

But there are certain doubts in the mind of the farmers before they decide to make an investment, especially since installation and maintenance of an aeration system is something which they have never done before. Sometimes lack of professional support will curtail performance of the installation in the long run.

We believe that it is important to ensure that our customers have the assistance in putting together the aeration solution equipment, along with the maintenance of the system.

The installation of an aeration solution would depend on the depth of the pond, on the thickness of aeration tube and the depth at which it will be installed. The deeper the installation of the aeration solution, the more the amount of oxygen can be dissolved.

A quick fact : At a depth of 1.5 feet, 4% of oxygen is dissolved, whereas at a depth of 3.5 feet 8% of the oxygen is dissolved.

AirOxi Tube is ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified. This aeration solution comprises of micro-holes and a blower system. Combined, they have a very high Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) which is three times that of a paddle wheel aerator and a high Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE).  AirOxi Tubes are reliable and easy to maintain because they do not have many moving parts and do not require frequent cleaning, especially the algae-resistant tubes.

AirOxi Tubes have three formats to be installed in and are environment-friendly. The forms which AirOxi Tube can be installed in are grids, rings and straight lines. They have given farmers a break from the traditional aeration devices which are run by paddle aerators, which require a more power consumption to dissolve the oxygen in the water. The technology used by our aeration solutions is modern and innovative. This aeration solution also uses much less electricity/power.

We would like to play a part in changing the way people look at aquaculture and raising fish farms for the continuation and preservation of aquatic life. We want farmers to adopt new and innovative techniques in aquaculture to supplement their knowledge and experience. So we assist people by offering new technology in aeration solutions and by installing the aeration devices in your fish/shrimp/prawn farm.

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