Proper aeration system is what makes fish farming highly productive and successful. If you want to maintain the water clean, full of oxygen and disease and weed free; you need the best aeration system. AirOxi Tube aeration solutions offer all these benefits and more, and you can develop a highly productive aquaculture system with high food conversion ratio and minimal maintenance.

How to clean and maintain your AirOxi Tubes?
Here are the best solutions available for effective AirOxi Tubes cleaning:

Cleaning becomes simple and effective with AirOxi Tubes

Aeration tubes are going to stay in the water for an extended period of time, you need to clean them properly and regularly as well. Otherwise, these tubes will get exposed to elements like salt, waste particles, fecal matter, food and algae. AirOxi Tubes can be cleaned with absolute ease and comfort. The procedure is really simple and you can make the tubes look like a new ones with minimal effort. Interestingly, there is no need to worry about compromising on the quality and longevity of the tubes, and even most stubborn choking or clogging can be addressed using uncomplicated cleaning methods.

Use the right cleaning materials based on unique nature of each pond

It is always advisable to use different types of solutions for cleaning the tube. The reason behind this advice is that every pond is unique and it 5 contains its own elements. Generally speaking, fish farmers keep on adding different types of things to the pond and they include probiotics, feed, minerals and many more, and this aspect makes every pond unique. You have to use the correct cleaning method according to the unique nature of a pond.

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When should you clean AirOxi Tubes?

This is a very important question. Unfortunately, several fish farmers do not know how to come up with a convincing answer to this question. The first thing you need to do is to check the pressure gauge reading. If you find that the pressure gauge reading increased by 0.5 to 1.0 PSI after installing the new tubes, you must understand that cleaning process is due. Another option is to analyze the bubbles and when the bubbles found on top of the pond look reduced from earlier ones, you should think about cleaning the tubes. AirOxi tube cleaning is really essential between two cultures as well.

Along with the installation AirOxi Tube offer maintenance support

Use clamps or wire brushes

First of all, AirOxi Tube must be removed from water and then, it should be allowed to dry. AirOxi offers cleaning clamps and they need to be used for scrubbing the tube thoroughly in a screw like action. This process allows you to eliminate all types of dried solid particles. Wire brush can also be used but you must use in such a way that dirt is pulled and scrubbed the tubes outside instead of pushing the brush in the micro holes to cause some damage.

Dip in the hydrogen peroxide solution

Another option to clean AirOxi Tube is to use hydrogen peroxide. After taking a big drum that is large enough to fit the whole frame, you have to pour hydrogen peroxide in the drum. It should be diluted by adding water and the ratio of hydrogen peroxide and water must be 1:3 respectively. The AirOxi tube must be dipped in this mixture for 2 hours and this cleaning method will eliminate the salt and other types of particles that result in choking the tubes.

Dip the tubes in bleaching powder

If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder can be used. You must take 1 liter of water and 100 grams bleaching powder need to be added to the water before dipping the tubes in this mixture for 4 hours.

Use cleaning or industrial grade acid

When bleaching powder or hydrogen peroxide does not bring the expected results, cleaning acid (HCL) or industrial grade acid (H2SO4) can be used. You have to dilute this acid based on the acid concentration and it is being advised for safety purposes. There is no need to get bothered about acid causing damage to the tubes, but dilution ensures the much needed safety.

Other effective AirOxi Tube cleaning methods

In order to remove the loose particles, AirOxi cleaning clamp is the best option. As mentioned earlier, the tubes must be rubbed with the AirOxi cleaning clamp after taking from the water. As a part of cleaning, you need to wash the tube using clean water. You can also consider pushing some air in the tube or frame for two or three minutes. This method helps you remove particles that remain inside staying dissolved.

Installation method and suggestions for installing AirOxi Tube

One of the important aspects you need to remember about cleaning is that the tubes must be placed back in the water only after they become fully dry. The preventive maintenance steps like using the tube at least 2 to 3 hours every day and checking clogging or algae twice in a month also ensure the optimal performance of AirOxi Tubes.

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