Are you into fish farming or planning for it?

If yes, then you might be requiring an estimate about proceeding with fish or shrimp farming. You might be aware of the fact that an aeration system is quite important in this regard. So here we are to help you by provide an estimate about the material as well as the cost requirements for the aeration system.

We have created an online calculator where you need to put in some details about the pond, stocking and the aeration design. After you put in the details in the online calculator, we will help you out with an approximate cost and material requirements so that you get a vivid idea about the same.

With the help of this online calculator, you would be very easily and conveniently able to calculate the material required and overall cost of the system for the purpose of fish farming in your pond simply by entering only a few details below. The complete cost of AirOxi aeration system ranges from a few thousand rupees to a few lac rupees. The cost actually depends on a number of variables. This online cost calculator will be able to give you an approximate idea of all the material that would be required along with its cost.

  • As a thumb rule, you can go for considering a ton biomass of shrimp at harvest = 1 HP blower = 25 metre AirOxi tube. Or 4 ton biomass of fish = 1 HP of blower = 25 metre of AirOxi tube. Now the approximate cost for a pond of one hectare would be something around 1.5 lac rupees. However, the cost would come down with the addition of pond and area. This is because of the fact that the blowers, piping and other similar things can be shared between a number of ponds.
  • But you need to keep it in mind that this does not consider various things like species, type of pond, etc. The calculator here can be used for getting a more specific aeration design for the pond where you intend to go for fish farming.
  • The calculation of the aeration system provided here is an approximation which is based on some of the common parameters that affect dissolved oxygen levels in a pond. For aeration system requirement specific to your pond, it would be a much better idea to have a word with your aquaculture consultant. If you wish to get a more accurate quotation for the overall aeration system, it is better to get the prices of individual items in your local market.

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit the online calculator, fill in a few details and get the estimate easily.