Aeration is something that carries immense importance in the life of the fish or shrimp farmers. This is because of the fact that without aeration the fishes or the shrimps are not able to grow properly. Now, at the time when the pond or the aquaculture medium is appropriately aerated, it plays a vital role in the improvement of the health of the fishes and enhances their growth rate to a significant extent. Aeration is quite crucial in terms of vigorous health as well as the vitality of the fishes. When there is absence of sufficient amount of oxygen in the medium of aquaculture, the fishes become stressed and their rate of growth slows down drastically.

How Improper Aeration Hinders the Growth of Fishes?

Improper aeration leads to shortage of oxygen in the medium of aquaculture which is the major reason of effecting the growth rate of the fishes and the shrimps. In an addition to this, lack of sufficient oxygen at the bottom of the medium of aquaculture or pond allows fish waste to build up and a number of other organic nutrients. Now, at the time when this material begins to decay, it builds up some toxic gases that are quite harmful for the health of the fishes and the shrimps.

Why to Calculate the Aeration for Fish or Shrimp Pond?

The complete aeration of the medium of aquaculture plays a crucial role in the recirculation of the overall system and the removal of toxic gases enables the fishes to breathe properly. The calculation of aeration is of immense importance for the restoration of the proper levels of oxygen in the medium of aquaculture.

How Much Aeration Does Fishes Require?

The different species of the fishes require different aeration. The fishes have actually adapted to the living conditions. If as a fish farmer, you are farming fishes that live in fast flowing and oxygen rich streams, high quantities of oxygen are required. High quantities of oxygen requirements mean high aeration. Thus, the fish farmers should be absolutely clear as to what would be the best suited aeration requirements for the purpose of getting the best results.

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