1” High Flow Tube Offering 4 Times Flow Rate Than Regular Aeration Tubes

A unique aeration tube made from elastomeric compound If made from elastomeric compound, an aeration tube seldom fouls. In comparison to a regular aeration tube, where a slight rupture can facilitate the penetration of biological solids inside the system, an elastomeric compound-based aeration tube ensures a 4 times protection. An aeration tube made from elastomeric [...]

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Advantages Of AIRE-O2 Propeller Type Aerators

The introduction of Aire-O2 propeller has changed the face of the aquaculture industry for the better. Unlike regular Paddle wheel aerators that were previously used for aeration purpose Aire-O2 is a far more advanced more user friendly technology that helps in the process of aeration! A list of advantage of Aire-O2 clearly defines the same [...]

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Equipment For High Aeration Requirements In Grow Out Ponds

The final phase of aquaculture production occurs in grow out ponds where juveniles are grown to adulthood. For a healthy fish/shrimp yield it is essential that the DO levels are maintained and the ammonia levels are monitored and under control. High Flow Tube by AirOxi Tube is an ideal solution to install in a grow [...]

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AIRE-O2 Aerator Is Better Than A Paddle Aerators

Better aeration facilitates fish and shrimp growth and a reduction in running costs in the long run.  Fish / shrimp growth is stunted under an environment with inadequate oxygen levels, this situation puts stress on aquatic life being cultivated. Paddle aerators are conventional aerators which help in dissolving oxygen level and provide aeration with an [...]

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High Flow Rate Tubes For Use In RAS and Biofloc Systems

High flow rate tubes are one of the most innovative creation in aeration tubes category. Aeration tubes provide better oxygen level throughout season. These tubes are designed especially for nurseries and ponds. Among wide range of high flow rate tubes, AirOxi provides wide range of aeration tubes which is preferred choice among farmers and aeration [...]

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Analysis Of The Aquaculture Industry In Kuwait

Kuwait, situated in the north-western area of the Arabic Gulf is reinforced by a small coastline of 195 km. The sea area and coastline of Kuwait have extreme climatic and hydrological conditions with high evaporation rates and high salinities. The marine/aquaculture environment is affected by the fresh water flow to the northern Gulf from the [...]

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Better Aeration To Increase Tilapia Growth In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia with its ecological drawback, is an arid and water deficit country, with limited freshwater-supplies. The territory is a desert where temperatures are extreme in summer and low in winter. It is also characterized by low annual rainfall and lacks any kind of permanent bodies of water. With the scarcity of freshwater yet future [...]

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Introducing Our Propeller Based Bubble Aerator

A better aquaculture aeration is vital for healthy fish growth and life. Inadequate oxygen level makes fish and aquaculture life become stressed making their growth rate slow. Further, lack of oxygen at the bottom of the pond will allow the build-up of fish waste and other organic nutrients. The material decays can further lead to [...]

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Introduction to The High-Flow Tube

Several fish farmers have started using the high-flow tube launched by AirOxi. This product is designed exclusively for nurseries and hatcheries and it is pretty hard to find a better option available in the market right now. You can use this tube for a wide range of production systems and aquaculture species including raceways, cage [...]

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How to Clean and Maintain your AirOxi Tubes?

Proper aeration system is what makes fish farming highly productive and successful. If you want to maintain the water clean, full of oxygen and disease and weed free; you need the best aeration system. AirOxi Tube aeration solutions offer all these benefits and more, and you can develop a highly productive aquaculture system with high [...]

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