IPRS and Use of AirOxi Tube in the New Technologies Like IPRS / Raceway / White Water

IPRS which is also very popularly referred to as In Pond Raceway System which plays a vital role in enhancing the profits during the time of fish or shrimp farming. It is known that the maintenance of high levels of dissolved oxygen levels in the aquaculture is of immense importance. We at AirOxi very well [...]

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AIRE O2 Aerator from Aeration Industries International

Aeration is one of the most vital things in aquaculture and hence it is given a lot of attention for the achievement of the intended results. Proper and effective aeration plays a vital role in the determination of rate of success of fish farming. This is exactly the reason as to why the fish farmers [...]

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AirOxi System is Successfully Used in High-Density Fish Farming, Biofloc / Bio-Floc And IPRS in Pond Raceway System

In order to increase profits in aquaculture high density fish / shrimp farming is a must on one hand and on the other hand maintaining the high levels of DO is a must. At AirOxy we understand the need of aquaculture farmers and have variety of solutions available to help them achieve their goals. We [...]

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AirOxi Presents The Largest Range Of Aeration Tubes

Aeration is a significant part of high-density farming for aquaculture. If this process is not taken care appropriately it also leads to wastage of resources and the failure of cultivation. Be it high-density fish farming or high-density shrimp farming. In either of the case, aeration accuracy has to be considered as an important factor. The [...]

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AirOxi Launches Ready To Use Aeration Kits For Bio-Floc Tanks

AirOxi is the word that has to come to mind when considering, high-density fish farming or high-density shrimp farming. Our product range and quality offer one of the best solutions for bio-floc tanks. AirOxi understands the business of high-density aquaculture farming very well our research and product development have helped many farmers achieve their goals [...]

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AirOxi Offers A Wide Range Of Aeration Tubes For Your Different Applications

If you are into fish farming or aquaculture, then you would certainly be looking forward to an efficient as well as effective aeration solution. Aeration is of great importance in case of aquaculture for the appropriate management and maintenance of dissolved oxygen levels. This is turn plays a vital role in obtaining the intended results. [...]

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Mobile Aeration Solution for Transporting Live Seafood and Seeds

If you deal in the transportation of seafoods and seeds or there arises a need for the same at any point of time, it becomes quite a difficult task. You might be thinking as to what would be the best solution in this regard which necessarily gives rise to a lot of confusion along with [...]

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Oxygen Generator – Ideal Solution for Hatcheries and Nurseries

If you are into fish farming or aquaculture, then you would certainly be looking forward to an efficient as well as effective solution for fish farming aeration. Proper aeration solution plays a crucial role in the appropriate management as well as maintenance of dissolved oxygen levels. This is exactly the situation where AirOxi comes to [...]

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Our Latest Solutions in Aeration

Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture since it plays a major role in the determination of success of fish farming. We at AirOxi make use of the latest technology available for the purpose of aeration in aquaculture. Our products and solutions are particularly designed for commercial fish farming. Our aquaculture solutions have been successfully [...]

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Mobile Aeration Unit for Live Transportation of Fish / Shrimp

Every aquaculture farmer is always concerned to maintain the optimum levels of oxygen in the water for the fish / prawn hatchlings. The maintenance of the optimum levels is even more important if you wish to transport them from the nursery to the farm. Any kinds of disturbances in the levels of oxygen at the [...]

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