AirOxi Ready to Use Aeration Kit

The importance of aeration in fish farming cannot be ignored at any cost. Appropriate aeration is beneficial for the healthy growth of fishes both in quality as well as quantity. At the same time, proper aeration also plays a significant role in reduction of rate of mortality of fishes to a great extent. To get [...]

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AirOxi Octopus Aeration – An Ideal Solution for Hatcheries

Aeration refers to the process of increasing the oxygen saturation level of the water that is used for aquaculture or fish farming. Proper aeration plays a vital role in reducing the rate of mortality in fishes and promotes a healthy production of fishes that is quite beneficial for the fish farmers to enhance their profit. [...]

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No Grids No Fixed Diffusers – Install an Aeration Solution Faster with AirOxi New Spider

Aeration is extremely important in aquaculture or fish farming, along with a number of other similar uses like fish transportation, fish tanks, and bio floc. AirOxi is a trusted, reputed, and reliable name in providing extremely efficient as well as effective aeration solutions for aquaculture.  AirOxi manufacturers top notch aeration solutions, and various aeration products, [...]

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AirOxi Octopus Aeration – The Latest Addition to the Catalogue

AirOxi Octopus Aeration is the latest addition to the product range of AirOxi. It is a surface-maintainable and floating aeration system that plays a vital role in providing a fine or coarse bubble diffusion. The entire system is based on the use of a stainless-steel float pod where the diffusers are installed on the bottom [...]

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Selecting Turbine Blowers for Fish/Shrimp Farming

Oxygen is the essence of fish farming and each of the fish farmers very well know the importance of oxygen for fishes. A sufficient amount of dissolved oxygen in the medium of aquaculture plays a crucial role in keeping the fishes or shrimps in a healthy condition. At the same time, oxygen is vital for [...]

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Advantages Of Oxygen Concentrator In Fish Farming

Fish farming or aquaculture is one of the very popular industries. The increasing demand for fishes by the customers put a lot of pressure on the fish farmers for the intensification of the production of fishes. The production of fishes can be increased as long as there is sufficient amount of oxygen, ample fresh water, [...]

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The New AirOxi Smooth Plastic Diffuser for Effective Aeration

The importance of proper and effective aeration cannot be neglected at any cost by the fish farmers. Without proper aeration, fish farming or aquaculture would be very difficult. The rate of mortality of fishes would increase and profit margin of the farmers would go down significantly. This is exactly the reason as to why AirOxi [...]

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AirOxi New Spider for Enhanced Aeration

AirOxi is a leading name in providing highly efficient and effective aeration solutions for aquaculture. Aeration is extremely important in aquaculture or fish farming and in cases of other similar uses such as transportation of fish, fish tanks, and bio floc. The aeration solutions from AirOxi make sure that the fish farmers can complete their [...]

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AirOxi Tube Is One Of The Easiest Solutions For Hydroponics And Aquaponics Aeration

If you are looking forward to one of the easiest solutions for hydroponics and aquaponics aeration, then AirOxi tube would undoubtedly be the best choice in this regard. The AirOxi tube is an extremely efficient and effective aeration solution for the appropriate management as well as the maintenance of dissolved oxygen levels in the medium [...]

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AirOxi Spider And Ready To Use Aeration Set A Convenient Aeration Solution

Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture or fish farming a number of other similar uses like fish transportation, fish tanks, and bio floc. AirOxi is a leading manufacturer of top notch aeration solutions so as to make sure that the fish farmers do not have to face any kind of problems during their work. [...]

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