An aeration solution is vital to the success of high-density fish farming – the dissolved oxygen level in the water contributes to better quality and higher yield during fish farming. So if you are invested in a Biofloc model for fish farming, then a proper Biofloc aeration solution is the right approach to achieve high-density fish farming.

At AirOxi tube we offer a wide variety of aeration solutions to select from for high-density fish farming. Let’s show you how our Biofloc aeration solutions can contribute to high-density fish farming.

How Biofloc System Works

The concept of Biofloc farming works on conserving feed inputs and utilize wastewater during production. The main concept is that producers could rely on the nitrogen cycle and let beneficial bacterial colonies proliferate in culture water. As we know BFT is an environment-friendly aquaculture technique that relies on a limited or zero water exchange system.

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How Aeration Solution Can Benefit Biofloc Environment

The working principle of the Biofloc system clearly indicates air circulation and DO level is the key to creating better quality and higher yield in a Biofloc environment. Let’s take a look at how aeration solution contributes to high-density fish farming:

  • In the Biofloc environment, dissolved oxygen in the water is highly important for successful fish farming; a proper aeration solution can help in maintaining the DO level in the water.
  • Selecting the right aeration solution can provide proper air circulation in a Biofloc environment, which in turn contributes to better yield while keeping balancing the dissolved oxygen level in the water.
  • Biofloc culture usually highlights successful farming for fish, challenges arise when it comes to shrimp farming. To overcome the difficulty of shrimp farming Biofloc aeration are the ideal solutions, which can contribute to better yield of shrimp farming in a Biofloc environment.

These are some of the major benefits you can attain using Biofloc aeration solution to gain high-density fish farming.

So if you are looking for a Biofloc aeration solution, we have a wide range of products to select from. To know more about Biofloc aeration solutions get in touch with us.

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Why Choose Us

AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names in the field of providing premium quality aeration systems for effective fish farming. AirOxi offers a wide array of tools and equipment for providing the right aeration precisely as per the requirements of the fish farmers. The users can get BFT or Biofloc technology aeration system that is best suited for Biofloc aquaculture. If you wish to know more about the artificial aeration system, get in touch with the expert team at AirOxi forgetting the best solutions.