One of the most important sources of our living is water. It is needless to say that water helps us in many ways. Even in farming water bodies plays a very important role. Fish is an essential source of food that requires vast water bodies. Other various creatures that are used as direct food or helps in growing food requires water bodies to survive and thrive. Thus the need for aquaculture came into being. In recent times India has also adopted various measures in adopting aquaculture in order to increase produces from water while maintaining a better ecological balance in the environment.

Aquaculture worldwide in recent times…

Scientists, biologists and environmentalists are providing more and more researches that is proving the importance of aquaculture. This farming process has a great positive effect on the environment on the whole and also becomes a very good for food supply for humans as well as marine lives. Oyster farming, shrimp farming and seaweed farming has become a popular method of aquaculture. This type of farming requires proper knowledge, training and devices that help the increase in the growth of aquatic organisms.

The Rise of Aquaculture in India…

The development of Aquaculture in India started long back in the 1990s. Since then the government has taken various scientific measures to make this a successful project which can become a sustaining livelihood for the farmers around the country. Farmers nowadays are using new technologies along with various equipments such as Aerators. Aerators are essentially required to infuse more oxygen in the water so that it can help in the survival of the aquatic life. It must be noted that different types of aerators are used in aquaculture these days. Choosing the right aerator is most important and there is when it requires professional help. The companies that manufacture aerators in India generally help is choosing and setting up of the system that can help in yielding more growth.

The importance of Aeration in Aquaculture

The success of aquaculture in India is on account of the access to better aeration techniques that the farmers have been able to install. One of the best known aerators is AirOxi Tube. The company has been manufacturing one of the most effective aerators in India. Till now it has helped hundreds of farmers in setting up an aerator system in their aqua farming areas. It is also very cost effective for them. AirOxi Tube uses the cutting edge technology in the aeration system that is perfect for commercial aquaculture. The system can work in both fresh water and salt water with the same efficiency. The materials used for manufacturing of the AirOxi Tube enable the users to have enough durability and uninterrupted air flow.

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