Today farming has grown all over the country in leaps and bounds. Different methods of farming has created huge scope for farmers to ply on the benefits of aquaculture. Just like agriculture needs intermittent supervision of plants including their proper fertilization, aquaculture is yet another farming technique that requires us to create an ideal environment for fishes, squids, clams and prawns to breed and survive. Invention of the latest farming solutions has increased the profit making margins for the farmers. The discovery of innovative farming equipments to improve aeration, like the AirOxi Tube, has made farmers more aware of the business of aquaculture. AirOxi tubes are one of the revolutionary techniques for aeration in aquaculture. It ensures dissolution of oxygen up to greater depths, at medium to large size ponds, used for commercial aqua farming. AirOxi Tube has taken aquaculture to a next level. Unlike traditional methods for aeration where farmers use paddle wheels aerator, AirOxi tube is a totally self-sustaining mode of aeration technique, requiring zero manual labour and energy. AirOxi ensures to keep the water clean, weed free and disease resistant. The farmers must always be on high alert about any kind of threaten to their aquatic life.

Biologists and environmentalists are spearheading more researches on the importance of aquaculture which is a great source of food supply for the human beings as well as marine lives. Aquaculture sustains all kinds of aquatic lives like fishes, shrimps, mussels, snails, crabs and shell fishes. Which compounds the fact the growth or presence of Algae is important and effects yield directly.

  • AirOxi Tube are made up of special types of materials which is durable and promotes air flow. AirOxi Tube  are RoHS certified and are made of special types of polymers that gives it microholes for SOTR (Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate) and SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency).

AirOxi Tube  are available in select range of models, according to the area and depth of water, in which it needs to be installed. Normally, deeper the installation more is the amount of oxygen absorbed-For example

  • At 1.5 feet 4 % oxygen is dissolved.
  • At 3.5 feet 8% oxygen is dissolved.

The thickness of the AirOxi Tube increases with the depth of water, as the volume and the pressure of water increases with depth. If we use a thin tube at deeper levels then the air will release bubbles but, the tube will get squeezed due to water pressure. Typically, a tube lasts between 2 to 20 harvests and its longevity depends on the thickness and it can coexist with an algae, without affecting its survival. There is a specially designed algae resistant AirOxi Tube, that does not let the algae affect the aerators performance and there is no need to frequently clean the tubes.

AirOxi Tube  have given farmers an edge over the traditional form of aquaculture .It provides an aeration system with minimum electricity consumption and more aeration facility and being algae resistant eliminates the biggest fears in the mind of the fish / shrimp farmers. AirOxi Tubes Aeration solution has very few moving parts which make it a very low-maintenance equipment. AirOxi Tube can be installed in grids, rings or straight lines. It should be installed atleast 1.5 feet above the ground and should be used minimum 3 hrs every day to save power.

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