The major industry of coastal states is fishing. It is a good source of employment and income generation for the population of coastal areas. Water and natural resources offer a good potential for growth in farm fishing.

Aquaculture fish farming is a growing industry. Fish is considered as a good source of nutrition and it is also taken as a substitute for regular food. It offers food security.

Different type of systems is used for a good production of fish in farm fishing. Aeration is a major process of increasing yield in inland fisheries. Fisheries research and training institutes play a major role in expansion and improvement in the fishing industry.

Better Aeration Benefits In Inland Fisheries

Aeration solutions by AirOxi Tube can be used to increase the DO in the environment in which fish and other water animals live. Our Aeration technique works as an artificial circulation system which increases the level of oxygen in a lake by proactively introducing oxygen in the water. A major part of the water is exposed to the atmosphere with the help of aeration. This process is important as the atmosphere is the major source of oxygen for lakes.

This artificial circulation is done by a process called destratification. Warm water fish are benefited by destratification. A minimum dissolved oxygen level is required for farming of fish in both warm water and cold water. Destratification helps the warm water fish to live anywhere in the lake and also increases the growth of fish foods in that water. This results in high yield of fish.

Need For Inland Fisheries

Inland fisheries mean keeping fishes in tanks, ponds, lakes etc. It is done for the purpose of fish farming which is a good source of food and revenue. It is a good source of employment as well. An inland fishery is important for society, environment and economy. Inland fisheries provide food and income benefits which help in the empowerment of an individual. Our aeration solutions are backed with installation and maintenance support to the farmer removing all doubts from the mind of the farmer – for more information of aeration system maintenance refer our dedicate page – here.

Aeration Solution For Fisheries

AirOxi Tube Aeration solutions are very beneficial in maximizing the production of Fish and Prawns. The aeration tubes designed by AirOxi Tube are based on latest technology and are designed for to be used in commercial aquaculture. Different materials are used to manufacture AirOxi aeration tubes that gives it durability and smooth flow of air. These tubes are equally effective in both salt water and fresh water. There are different tubes for different aeration installations take a look at the different aeration tubes.

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AirOxi tubes do not splash water, unlike other traditional aeration solutions they resolve to splashing of the water. The splash sound makes a disturbance on the surface of the water. But this disturbance caused by splash is omitted with better aeration solutions by AirOxi Tube which ensure an undisturbed aquatic life.

The bubble produced by AirOxi tubes prevents the food particle from settling at the bottom. This results in better food conversion. The power consumed by our aeration solutions are lowers and thus more economic. In addition, AirOxi Tubes are durable and requires low maintenance.

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How To Install Aeration Solution

AirOxi Tube has a dedicated team which provides complete support in installation of aeration tubes. Installation of modern aeration solutions in ponds helps in increased production of shrimps. The farmers do not have to bother for the installation and maintenance of Aeration Tube as the same is being taken care by AirOxi tube.