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AirOxi Star – The New Design AirOxi to Get Good Water Movement of Floc in A Biofloc Tank

By |January 23rd, 2021|AirOxi Star, Aquaculture Aeration|

Aeration tubes are specially designed tubes that play a major role in aquaculture along with other applications in fish transportation, and biofloc tanks. A sufficient amount of aeration is of immense importance in Biofloc aquaculture as it ensures higher productivity of fish along with a reduced mortality rate. It is precisely the reason as to [...]

AirOxi Spider – Now Enhanced with Better Fitting and Heavier Weight Capacity

By |January 23rd, 2021|AirOxi Spider|

We cannot ignore the importance of aeration in fish farming or biofloc aquaculture. It is precisely  why the fish farmers are in continuous search of the best quality and highly functional aeration system. AirOxi is undoubtedly a leading name in manufacturing premium quality aeration tools, equipment, and systems to appropriately cater to the varied needs [...]

AirOxi Octopus – Submersible Aerator

By |December 26th, 2020|Aeration Solutions, AirOxi Octopus Aeration|

AirOxi Octopus has been the latest addition to the entire collection of AirOxi aeration systems and solutions. AirOxi takes pride in being one of the leading aeration tools, systems, and solutions provider catering to the specific needs of different fish farmers. In this collection of AirOxi Octopus, the submersible aerator is the latest addition to [...]

AirOxi New Tubes Made Specially for Biofloc Culture

By |December 26th, 2020|Aeration Solutions, Biofloc system|

Aeration tubes, as can be understood from the name, are specialised tubes that play a crucial role in aquaculture or aquaponics. These tubes play a vital role in increasing the level of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture medium. AirOxi has been a leader in providing premium quality, advanced, as well as modern aquaculture systems and [...]

AirOxi launches low choking aeration tubes specially for Biofloc Aquaculture (BFT) and Nurseries

By |December 5th, 2020|Water Aeration System|

AirOxi now offers three specially designed aeration tubes especially for Biofloc culture and Nurseries, where floating particles are high and choking happens often.  They have a special shape or material composition to ensure high movement of water and floc, as well as low choking. So maintenance and cleaning required is less frequent. And to make [...]

Which blower suitable for Aquaculture?

By |November 13th, 2020|Water Aeration System|

Aeration in aquaculture is becoming more and more important with the increase in stocking density and use of new age farming methods like RAS, biofloc and IPRS (or raceway system as it is often called) One of the most common questions that aqua farmers have is “which type of blower is most suitable for diffused [...]

What Kind of Aeration is Suitable for Biofloc Aquaculture?

By |November 11th, 2020|Biofloc system|

Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture. For the purpose of biofloc aquaculture, BFT or biofloc technology is the most appropriate solution for aeration. Biofloc technology is a specialised technique of enhancing the quality of water in aquaculture by creating an appropriate balance between carbon and nitrogen in the aquaculture system. BFT or biofloc technology [...]

Beware of Fake! Are You Buying Genuine AirOxi Tube Product?

By |October 23rd, 2020|Aeration Solutions|

AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names when it comes to aeration tools, equipment, and solutions. Aeration is of immense importance in case of fish farming and the fish farmers are always in search of premium quality aeration solutions. This is where AirOxi steps in, to provide comprehensive and quality [...]

Want to calculate the material and cost of Aeration System for your fish/shrimp farm? Simple! Just use our online AirOxi Calculator for Biofloc Fish Farming

By |October 23rd, 2020|Aeration Solutions|

Are you into bio floc fish farming or planning to get into it? If yes, then you are most likely also looking for an estimate of aeration material needed for the size of your farm as well as the cost of that aeration system. Look no further. Get your answers on our easy to use [...]

AirOxi Ready to Use Aeration Kit

By |September 16th, 2020|Aeration Kit|

The importance of aeration in fish farming cannot be ignored at any cost. Appropriate aeration is beneficial for the healthy growth of fishes both in quality as well as quantity. At the same time, proper aeration also plays a significant role in reduction of rate of mortality of fishes to a great extent. To get [...]

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