Kuwait, situated in the north-western area of the Arabic Gulf is reinforced by a small coastline of 195 km. The sea area and coastline of Kuwait have extreme climatic and hydrological conditions with high evaporation rates and high salinities. The marine/aquaculture environment is affected by the fresh water flow to the northern Gulf from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The fisheries are now irrelevant from an economic point of view in Kuwait but were the most important revenue for Kuwaitis before oil was found. With inadequacy of less fresh and sweet water, Kuwait after facing major challenges in fish farming and better aeration has seen an improvement in the aquaculture industry lately. The demand of aquaculture in Arab countries has always been a matter of concern. The country majorly depends on water desalination as the primary source of fresh water. In the past recent years, imports of fish and fishery products in Kuwait were valued high both in terms of production and export business, consisting mostly of flatfish, preserved tunas, frozen fish and shrimps.

Where fish species like Tilapia grow well in high densities and better aeration, effective water recirculation and dissolved oxygen level (DO) supply must be adequate. Any kind of low level oxygen levels may lead to toxic development resulting to unhealthy fish farming culture. Water plays a critical role in fish farming. Where saline water can be a matter of concern for healthy aquatic life, Kuwait in this case depends hugely on water desalination. AirOxi Tubes maintains fish farming in both fresh and saline water. Advanced technology like Recirculating Aeration System (RAS) provides optimal oxygen supply and better water quality.

AirOxi Tube-Aquaculture Industry in Kuwait

Kuwait largely relies on water desalination, species like Tilapia need a healthy water environment as they are highly resistant to stress. These tubes ensure the water culture by providing better water treatment. Thus, advanced aeration system allows maintaining excellent water quality water and provide better feed for fish environment.

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Be it ponds, hatcheries or any limited fish cultivating water bodies, AirOxi Tubes are one of the best advanced aeration technology in the market. These tubes are flexible in built and maintenance and has been the preferred as the finest choice in water technology for aeration. Apart from better aeration, the tubes provide other added benefits like:

  • It uses less motors, and do not splash water.
  • Low noise with flexible operating function.
  • Provides faster yield per hector, than compared to other aeration tubes.
  • Provides proper circulation of oxygen in in-depth water.


AirOxi Tube, being the latest technology in aquaculture aeration are majorly built for commercial purpose and export worldwide. Thus, with its extended service of exporting highly efficient aeration tubes and water treatment solutions can be a boon for ecological drawback country. The tubes with its algae resistance, enhances fish environment and water culture for better productivity and functions on both fresh and salt water. Water quality and environment is always the biggest concern in aquaculture and fish farming, where it must become adapted to regular water analysis for important parameters for healthy aquaculture.

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