According to reports, the state of Andhra Pradesh has been dominating the aquaculture sector boasting of contributing about 86% of the country’s total production. It has been noticed that farmers have been lured by aquaculture when compared to traditional farming. As a matter of fact, brackish water aquaculture and land present under fresh water has increased manifolds to about 82,000 hectares recently.

Increased aquaculture production

The last three year saw the industry to grow to about Rs. 561 crore from Rs. 346 crore. An investment of more than Rs. 400 crore is expected to be pumped into the 20 integrated units, expected to be launched in the state. This state has been witnessing a rapid growth in aquaculture production.

Making huge profits

The boom is said to have few good reasons for backing it up. Aquaculture farming is said to bring in huger profits when compared to agriculture. Annual returns in traditional fish farming brings about Rs. 30,000 in profits, while paddy profits from two crops result in just Rs. 12,000 – 15,000 / hectare. Although the start-up expenses are noted to be higher in fish farming, its operational costs can be termed to be just half of agriculture and also requires less labor.

Greater conversion

Farmers are of the opinion that with rice, they cannot rise, but with fish cultivation, they can keep their head above water. More than 75% of the land within the 100 odd villages of the districts of Wes and East Godavari, Krishna has been converted to fishing ponds. Kolleru Lake region boasts of having innumerous fresh water farms.

Pouring of investments

Large organizations, liquor barons, finance companies and fishermen cooperatives have been queuing to lease land, adjacent and along the coastline of the state, trying to cash in from 17,000 hectares! About a 5th of this number has been already leased out. Money is being invested in crores for shrimp and fish farming and in aquaculture aeration equipment for increasing production and profits.

Knowing the factors that favor the state to emerge a leader

  • Ready land available for aquaculture
  • Less operating expenditure
  • More profits
  • Less labor
  • Presence of long coastal line
  • Big companies jumping into the fray to develop aquaculture, etc.

Boon for the farmers

Besides offering better profits, it has helped the farmers to lead a decent life, without any worry. Generally, paddy farmers are found to be caught between the perils of drought and cyclone. Low lands suffer from excess water during first crop, along with water shortage during the next. In short, a good crop is something more of luck.

But with aquaculture, farmers no more have to worry about flood waters, cyclone or draughts. This form of farming, according to the locals is risk free, requiring them to toil less to make huge profits.

A bright future

Majority of the state government officials and farmers are quite convinced of the fact that aquaculture is rather a windfall for Andhra Pradesh that has been enjoying an increasing agricultural output in the last few years. Having a long coastline of 974 km., while the adjacent large coastlands do offer farmers with a positive and fabulous geographical package. The experts state that aquaculture is likely to revolutionize the economy.

How AirOxi can become a major contributor with regards to its aeration solutions?

AirOxi Aeration tube is considered to be the state-of-the-art technology created for aquaculture aeration in India. This has been specifically designed for commercial aquaculture. It is known to have high efficiency in fresh water and also in salt water and offers the best results.

Andhra Pradesh is fast becoming the hub for aquaculture farming contributing about 86% of the economy, which is only set to increase with the launch and implementation of AirOxi aeration devices.