In order to increase profits in aquaculture high density fish / shrimp farming is a must on one hand and on the other hand maintaining the high levels of DO is a must. At AirOxy we understand the need of aquaculture farmers and have variety of solutions available to help them achieve their goals.

We understand the aeration process and are constantly conducting research and development to offer our customers aeration products based on their process. Our products are effective in high-density fish farming and high-density shrimp farming. AirOxi knowledge of aquaculture gives them the edge to understand the client needs. This skill and know how have helped us develop systems that are useful for bio-floc & IPRS.

Based on the tanks and their features, AirOxi recommends which product can be best suited. Our systems & products are known to increase productivity of the aquaculture fish farmer without putting a strain on the resources.

When it comes to Bio-floc & In Pond Raceway Systems they have different size and shapes of the tank. The features of the water body decides the direction of the aeration system that is required. AirOxi products get integrated with ease and enables to get the required output from the setup.

We know that IPRS’s concept is to concentrate fed fish in cells or “raceways” within a pond and provide them with constant water circulation to maintain optimal water quality and to improve feed management in this situation aeration tubes play a very important role. Our aeration tubes help with the circulation and aeration in each raceway, maintaining adequate and safe oxygen levels in the growing cells, independently of the oxygen status in the pond.

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If you are aiming to increase productivity of your current aquaculture setup or start one or expand one. The AirOxy product range should have a solution for you with our extensive support when it comes aeration installation and maintenance you have nothing to worry when it comes to achieving your business goals.