Aeration tubes are specially designed tubes that play a major role in aquaculture along with other applications in fish transportation, and biofloc tanks. A sufficient amount of aeration is of immense importance in Biofloc aquaculture as it ensures higher productivity of fish along with a reduced mortality rate. It is precisely the reason as to why the fish farmers are always looking forward to something improved with better aeration efficiency. In this situation, it is AirOxi that comes to the aid of the fish farmers and enables them to reap higher RoI in their business.

AirOxi Star is a specialised aeration tube consisting of three tubes combined in the shape of a star, and hence the name. The star design of the product makes it extremely efficient as well as effective to deliver the intended results in the best possible manner. The new AirOxi Star is specially designed for  better movement of floc in a biofloc tank. The team at AirOxi has put in a lot of research and dedication to come up with the unique and innovative idea for creating AirOxi Star.

Features and Functionality of AirOxi Star

AirOxi Star is a specialised star shaped aeration system. Air flows out only from the troughs and not the crests. The flow of air is 30 LPM / 2m3 per hour per metre which is actually the same as the regular aeration tube. But with half the holes and area from which this air is released, the air erupts with a good amount of pressure, thereby providing a very good water movement to the floc in the biofloc culture. In addition to this, the high pressure also makes sure that the tube is not blocked. Since the tube is not blocked, the new AirOxi Star does not compromise on its functionality and hence is one of the most preferred choices among the fish farmers.

Why AirOxi Star?

The new AirOxi Star is one of the latest additions to the range of aeration tubes available at AirOxi. This new product with its star design is a highly efficient. It provides top notch aeration in biofloc aquaculture. The tubes of AirOxi Star are of high quality, Their sturdiness ensures that the product lasts for a long duration of time without losing out on its functionality and effectiveness.