Air circulation is vital in aquaculture just like Aquaculture aeration. With the end goal of biofloc aquaculture, BFT or biofloc technology is the most suitable answer for air circulation. Biofloc innovation is a particular procedure of upgrading the nature of water in hydroponics by making a suitable harmony among carbon and nitrogen in the hydroponics framework. BFT or biofloc innovation has acquired a ton of significance lately as it is a practical strategy to control water quality alongside the additional benefit of delivering higher protein feed in the location.

The new design of AirOxi tube especially made for biofloc aquaculture (BFT) provides three major advantageous highlights:

  • Aeration with minimum cleaning and blocking
  • High movement of water for biofloc
  • Reduced back pressure on the blower motor

Aeration with minimum cleaning and blocking

A unique design for BFT has been developed that has crests and troughs. This special design offers air at greater speed from the trough in the decreased thickness area. This ensures no air flows out from the greater thickness location of the crest. Because of this special design, air float comes out at a higher pace and as a result offers the required motion of water and floc in BFT aquaculture offering better aeration. This additionally effects in decreased choking and blockading of the aeration tube, as a consequence lowering the frequency of cleaning and also offers superior aquaculture aeration.

High Movement of water for biofloc

BFT provides one of a type of aeration tube, which is identical to the EPDM diffusers, however with larger quantities of smaller holes than in EPDM diffusers. The holes are about 0.4 mm or four hundred microns, and the tube thickness is 1.5 mm. The inner diameter is appropriate for sixteen mm general fittings used in the aquaculture industry. The holes being giant enough, allows a large enough motion of water. The massive gap of nearly four hundred micron measurement ensures that the micro particles floating in the water do now not clog the tube, resulting in higher movement of water for biofloc.

Reduced back pressure on the blower motor

The new BFT tube highlights better air circulation about 20% greater openings and bubble size than ordinary air circulation tubes. The material anatomy is made with the goal that the molecule size and openings are greater. This makes the outside of the tube to be rough. The greater air pockets leave the outside of the cylinder with higher speed and subsequently give development of water and floc that is required in Biofloc aquaculture. The greater openings likewise guarantee less obstructing of the openings and subsequently diminishes back pressure on the blower motor.