Aeration is of immense importance in aquaculture or fish farming and many other similar uses like fish transportation, fish tanks, and Biofloc environment. It is because of this reason, to make the process of aquaculture and the lives of fish farmers easier AirOxi Tube introduces AirOxi Spider with AirOxi Star. An aeration solution for high movement and low blocking while providing aeration solution in aquaculture!

Let’s take a look at what is AirOxi Spider and AirOxi Star aeration tube and how they can help in redefining the process of aeration.

What is AirOxi Spider?

AirOxi Spider is ready to use aeration set which offers an extremely convenient aeration solution. The product is ideally suited to be used in Biofloc tanks and for mobile aeration systems at the time of transportation of fishes or seeds. The product comes in a ready-to-use set thereby ensuring an easy assembly that can be easily completed within a very short span of time. There is simply no need for the additional labor cost of assembly of the system and with the inclusion of all the required parts in the set, the need of buying spare parts is also eliminated. Further with greater weight carrying capacity, AirOxi Spider’s new model offers the most convenient yet highly effective aeration solution.

What is AirOxi Star?

AirOxi Star is a unique product of AirOxi developed for Biofloc aquaculture, and it consists of troughs and crests in the shape of a star, and hence the name. The star design is patented by AirOxi and is the first of its kind in the world. The intense focus on R&D and product development at AirOxi has resulted in this unique design that makes it extremely efficient with high SOTR and dissolution of oxygen due to small bubbles size, but also reduced blocking due to easy flow of air allowed by the design. The AirOxi star provides airflow out only from the troughs and not the crests. The flow of air is 30 LPM / 2m3 per hour per meter which is actually the same as the regular aeration tube. But with half the holes and area from which this air is released, the air erupts with a good amount of pressure, thereby providing a very good water movement to the floc in the Biofloc culture. In addition to this, the high pressure also makes sure that the tube is not blocked. Since the tube is not blocked, the new AirOxi Star does not compromise on its functionality making it unique and innovative for the process of aeration.

The combination of the AirOxi Spider with the Star tube has redefined the process of aeration. Let’s take a look at the major benefits that can be acquired with the use of the product.

The benefit of AirOxi Spider and Star in Aeration

The highlights of both the product clearly showcases how it has redefined the process of aeration. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits the products offer during aeration:

  • Aeration with minimum cleaning and blocking
  • High Movement of water for Biofloc
  • Reduced back pressure on the blower motor
  • Highly efficient and portable aeration solution
  • Quick and prompt aeration solutions
  • It comes with a standard height and can be adjusted as per the needs

Body size is larger so that it can fill in more weight, hence can be used in even more depths with ease and convenience.

These advantages clearly highlight the large-scale benefit that the usage of AirOxi Spider with Star can provide during the process of aeration.

So if you are looking for the best aeration solution for your aquaculture business then get in touch with us to know more about AirOxi Spider and Star.

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AirOxi Tube is one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable names in the field of providing premium quality aeration systems for effective fish farming. AirOxi offers a wide array of tools and equipment for providing the right aeration precisely as per the requirements of the fish farmers. The users can get BFT or Biofloc technology aeration system that is best suited for Biofloc aquaculture. If you wish to know more about the artificial aeration system, get in touch with the expert team at AirOxi forgetting the best solutions in this regard.