We cannot ignore the importance of aeration in fish farming or biofloc aquaculture. It is precisely  why the fish farmers are in continuous search of the best quality and highly functional aeration system. AirOxi is undoubtedly a leading name in manufacturing premium quality aeration tools, equipment, and systems to appropriately cater to the varied needs of aquaculture or fish farming along with a number of other applications such as transportation of fish, fish tanks, tank aeration and biofloc technology – BFT. The recently upgraded Spiders for aeration systems from AirOxi are technically advanced and extremely efficient to ideally serve the intended purpose of use without giving any fish farmer even a single chance to complain.

Flaws with the Previous AirOxi New Spider

Previously, AirOxi had introduced a new product into its range of aeration systems for BFT; that was termed as AirOxi New Spider. The AirOxi New Spider was an extremely efficient as well as effective aeration solution for biofloc aquaculture. It was a ready to use set and was available with all the necessary parts to make it easier for the users. All the parts were very easy to assemble, without the involvement of any additional labour. The entire assembly was extremely easy and convenient which was readily preferred by each of the fish farmers.

But later, some of our clients faced some small some issues in the AirOxi New Spider. Some clients gave us a feedback of fittings coming off, with higher weight. Prompt to take action on client feedback, AirOxi tweaked the product and now has introduced a new and improved AirOxi New Spider to make it perfectly suitable for use even with higher weight. Let us read through to have a better idea about the new and improved AirOxi New Spider.

Improved Designs, Features and Functions of AirOxi New Spider

Upon client feedback, the technical team at AirOxi analyzed the root cause of the problems, with the previous model of AirOxi New Spider used for biofloc aeration. After a detailed analysis, the team devised an appropriate resolution plan that was meticulously implemented to introduce an improved AirOxi New Spider. There were a few changes in the design of the product. These design changes now enable the product to take much more weight.

This new product comes with a much better fitting capacity, thereby eliminating the chances of fittings coming off at the time of use. In addition to this, the improved AirOxi New Spider is now available with different weight filling capacities with the use of different materials that are immensely beneficial in aquaculture. The flat side is outside which is just perfect for use. So, it is beneficial for fish farmers to get in touch with the team of AirOxi and get the improved AirOxi New Spider for better results.