AirOxi Tube has delivered yet another important gear for helping its customers to improve their aquaculture. AirOxi Tube has developed AirOxi Spider for Biofloc and RAS systems. Usually, the base will be a lot easier to install. A lot of time will be saved by directly placing this base underwater with the system.

RAS and Biofloc systems are used in settings where water exchange is minimal or does not take place. It requires less hard work as there is no need to maintain clean and fresh water every now and then. Both systems are extremely helpful in creating healthy and productive aquaculture.

Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS)

The RAS system is highly productive as it creates a fresh and healthy underwater environment. RAS is beneficial because it keeps water clean and fish in the tank healthy. There are different filters attached in this system that filter the water regularly that separates the ammonia from water, later the solid waste is thrown out of the system and the water through another filter purifies itself. Although RAS is a little costlier but it gives you that result you’d want.


Biofloc does the same thing as RAS but in a different way. Biofloc does not use filters as used in the RAS. Biofloc changes ammonia present under the water into useful products such as feed and later consumed by the fish themselves. Hence, it leaves the water clean again. Biofloc does not use much machinery like RAS but it uses blowers that do not let ammonia settle down underwater. Biofloc is much cheaper than the RAS and it gives the same result. But in Biofloc it is suggested to change some amount of water every 12-15 days.

Both these systems are extremely useful in maintaining the aquaculture. Whether you use Biofloc or RAS, you will need a base to arrange the system. A high density base for RAS or Biofloc system will get you one step ahead in the process.

AirOxi tube keeps on developing new technologies for its customers. The AirOxi’s base for RAS and Biofloc system developed to help its customers improve their aquaculture. We, at AirOxi Tube, manufacture various products that are ready to use and easy to install. Our Aeration solutions increase yield in a cost effective way.

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