Importance of Aeration

Oxygen is indispensable to the operations of aquaculture systems. Anything below than the standard level, can cause a degraded water quality and FCR or feed conversion ratios, increased mortality, and also lower growth. Simply put, aeration plays a life-saving role in the success story of your fish farming.

Role of AirOxi’s hatchery tube

AirOxi’s new hatchery tube has proved to be an incredible aeration solution for fish farmers, aquaculture industry and fisheries. The enhanced absorption ability of the tube to transfer oxygen through the pond is invariably more efficacious than the conventional paddles and aeration methods. Not only in terms of high performance and consistency demonstrated through bubble aeration for oxygen absorption, but also as a pocket friendly solution to the farmers.

Oxygenating water has never been so easy for hatcheries. By placing an AirOxi smooth tube, only at 1 meter water depth, the pump can dissolve adequate oxygen in the water. The refined technology in AirOxi’s tube enables formation of bubbles for aiding sufficient oxygen absorption into the water from the air. Unlike other hatchery methods, the tube eliminates unnecessary sounds, that might agitate the flora and fauna of the waterbodies.

The benefits of AirOxi’s hatchery tube

By promising a 3X times capacity of the current standard oxygen transfer rate and the standard aeration efficiency rate, AirOxi is witnessing a rise of its popularity. AirOxi Tube can diminish the costs of energy by 70%, keep the levels of dissolved oxygen optimal, ensure greater stocking densities, higher rates of feeding, cost effectiveness, reduced costs of displacement, diminished FCR and faster growth.

Need expert advice?

AirOxi smooth tube for aeration in hatcheries has been used quite conveniently with a broad spectrum of species in aquaculture and in a wide array of production systems. If you are in need of an effective aeration solution for your aquaculture system, it is essential to consult an expert. Reach us at your best convenience, help us assist you to design an ideal solution of aeration tubes.