“Work smarter, not harder”. Would you want to waste time on making PVC pipe or other elaborate fabrication to assemble AirOxi Tubes or would you want to save time by simply using the AirOxi’s ready to use stand to assemble the tubes in no time? This ready to use plastic base is extremely useful and it is easy to assemble. It has many benefits just like other products of AirOxi tubes.

AirOxi Tubes has different types of products that are best for aquaculture aeration. It has always tried to make work easier for your aeration projects. It has experienced and qualified professionals to prepare materials that are best for use, efficient and effective.

AirOxi’s ready to use stand is a 4” wide and 5” high plastic base that has 6 outlets of size 1⁄2” and it is connected to a single inlet in the middle. With this base, you can assemble AirOxi tubes much faster and easier. You can connect as many as 6 tubes to it. No one would prefer to work hard in making the frames of PVC pipe when you can simply use this base.

AirOxi’s ready to use stand is good to use. Another example is that the base is hollow underneath. The base is hollow so that you can fill it with cement or sand and add some weight to it. Because of that added weight, it will stay at the bottom in the water. AirOxi recommends 4 Kg of cement, sand, and water, and then when it hardens the bolted 6 ways will be fixed permanently.

Let’s talk about the inlet and tubes you can attach to it. Each stand comes with 6 end plugs connected to a single inlet. If you are using ½ “ inlet then you can attach 6 x 13” long AirOxi tube pieces to get a total of 2 meter tube stand. Since the threaded inlet is of 1”, you can use inlet nipples of size 1⁄2”, ¾”, or 1”. These nipples are not part of the base assembly. In case you are using a larger inlet like the ¾” or 1”, you can connect two ends of longer AirOxi tube, rather than using end plugs – like making a flower. AirOxi recommends using upto a maximum of 3 meters tube if you are using ¾” or 1” inlet.

AirOxi’s ready to use stand is of premium quality just like its other products. AirOxi tube provides various other products and services. It provides the best products and services for aquaculture aeration systems. The quality and benefits of AirOxi Tube’s products and services are unmatched by others. To have a look at other products of AirOxi tube Visit: https://www.airoxitube.com/aeration-tubing-products/

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