Aeration is a significant part of high-density farming for aquaculture. If this process is not taken care appropriately it also leads to wastage of resources and the failure of cultivation. Be it high-density fish farming or high-density shrimp farming. In either of the case, aeration accuracy has to be considered as an important factor. The DO quantity available in the tank makes an impact on the quality and productivity of farming.

AirOxi has one of the extensive range of aeration tubes. The variety of tube types helps you choose the right one for your requirement. When selecting these tubes one should consider the tank as a foremost important factor. The size, shape and depth of the tank is the basic aspect to remember while selecting the type of tubes.

AirOxi has more than ten types of tube variations to offer, serving different purposes.

1) AO125250 – (12.5 x 25.0) Regular – Blue line, it is applicable to most of the requirements and is highly preferred by customers.

2) AO125250-AR (12.5 x 25.0 Algae resistant) – Greenline. This variety works well for freshwater farming more.

3)  AO125225 (12.5 x 22.5) – yellow line. Best fits for low-pressure tube for turbine and ring blowers.

4) AO125225 (12.5 x 22.5) – AR yellowish-green line. These type of tubes are recommended for the turbine, blower with HDPE tank.

5) AO250380 – 1″ x 1.5″ large tube white line. When water movement is low and requires high aeration.

6) AO125FLO – 1/2″ Flower-shaped. For nursery and bio-floc requiring high water movement, this is recommended.

7) AO190310 – 3/4″ x 1.25″. When you require good water movement with high aeration, this works well for nurseries.

8) AirOxi Double Tube for self sinking. For bio-floc, this is a good option as it helps with double aeration and has self sinking design.

9) AO160220 – 16 x 22 mm  (5/8″ x 3 mm thickness). For low-pressure pumps requiring 5/8″ inlet tubes.

10) AO125195 – redline 1/2″ x 3.5 mm thickness. When you require high movement of water opt for this option.

11) AO100200 – 3/8″ x 5 mm – 10 mm x 20 mm. This type of tube offers small bubbles giving good water movement. It is useful for 3/8″ inlet with 5 mm thickness.

The above features of each tube type will help you select the best option for your requirement. You can also reach us on +91 – 7285017087 for further more clarity and righteous selection suitable to your need.