AirOxi Pearl is a smooth finish very fine bubble aeration tube. The tube is designed to give very fine bubbles even with higher air flow. It needs more pressure, and the holes are very fine so the SOTR – Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate and hence the dissolved oxygen in the system is much higher than traditional aeration tubes

Biofloc technology is an innovative and affordable technology designed to enhance environmental control over fish production. This system converts toxic materials including ammonia, nitrite and nitrate into a beneficial product called proteinaceous feed.

The most important factor for the success of a Biofloc is floc circulation and aeration. The best way to attain this is by utilizing an aeration tube which is efficient, appropriate for the type of water and does not clog to keep the biofloc functioning at optimal levels.

Our aeration tube is an ideal solution of Biofloc since it facilitates managing DO levels and does not require frequent maintenance since it is algae resistant.

Take a look at our video: AirOxi Pearl – Aeration Tube that facilitates Air Circulation in Biofloc

These are the benefits of our AirOxi Pearl Aeration Tube :

  • High quality raw materials as per international aeration tubes quality are used to manufacture AirOxi Pearl
  • The aeration tube has a very smooth surface causing very fine micro bubbles
  • The AirOxi Pearl  comes with an Algae Resistant additive
  • The small bubble size ensures – High oxygenation / High SOTR – Higher than any other model of our AirOxi aeration tube.
  • Recommended for use in hatcheries and nurseries where high oxygenation is needed
  • The micro holes require more pressure to open, and close as well once air flow is stopped.
  • Inside diameter 13 mm, outside diameter – 25 mm, wall thickness of 6 mm
  • Made with extremely fine material and curing at very low speed to achieve very fine micro bubbles

If you are a fish farmer looking to ensure higher quality yields, lower mortality and better aeration to increase the yield of your Biofloc get in touch with our team.