Aeration kits are extremely useful and beneficial. These air diffuser systems have to be placed according to their size to extract maximum benefit out of it. The right sized aeration kit will give a better flow of oxygen into the water, circulate water and it will help create a well-balanced ecosystem.

To help you furthermore, AirOxi Tube has now come up with ready-made Aeration kits for biofloc in tanks. These kits will be ready to use and it will require no/less manual work. AirOxi Tube is continuously striving to help its customers in all ways. Now, it is offering ready to use Aeration kits for biofloc that will not only make work easier but also function much better underwater.

However, to use these aeration kits few things should be kept in mind.
They are: 

Size of the tank

Before you start with AirOxi’s ready to use Aeration kits, you should know the measurements of your tank. Aeration kits need to be capable of circulating the volume of water in a tank. In case, you do not know the size, first, measure your tank and then go forward with the Aeration kit accordingly.

Depth of the tank

This is also as important as knowing the size of the tank. If you are not sure of the depth of your tank, then check and then double-check it just to be sure. You should buy Aeration kit according to the depth of the tank for properly aerating the whole tank.

The shape of the tank

The shape of the tank is also to be considered. Some tanks might be narrow and long, some will be square, oval or round. Different shapes of tanks are available and you need to give a thought to it as well. It might not be as important as the size and depth of the tank, but it will be better for you to review the shape of the tank too.

All three factors should be considered before buying the AirOxi Tube’s Aeration kit for biofloc. The Aeration kits will add oxygen and create proper circulation that will be beneficial in creating a solid and productive ecosystem.


Now get a full set of equipment including blower, airoxi spider, tubes, fittings, valves etc. Ready aeration kit for standard tank sizes of 10,000 litres and 25000 litres. The kit consists of 1 double stage blower of size 1 HP, with 10 outlets in a 1.5” PVC pipe,  10 nos AirOxi Spider which have 20 feet of AirOxi tube, and 20 valves and 200 mtrs of connecting 16 mm / ½” flexible pipe. You only need to assemble and place these properly and start aeration in your tank.

We provide the latest technology for better aquaculture aeration. We have different products for different uses just to make sure our customers are at ease.

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