AirOxi Octopus Aeration is the latest addition to the product range of AirOxi. It is a surface-maintainable and floating aeration system that plays a vital role in providing a fine or coarse bubble diffusion. The entire system is based on the use of a stainless-steel float pod where the diffusers are installed on the bottom of the eight legs of the unit. The presence of eight legs has resulted in its nomenclature that is AirOxi Octopus Aeration. The length of each of the legs are customised as per the needs and requirements to make sure that they reach to the lowest possible point in the pond or aquaculture medium for the maximisation of bubble contact, and oxygen transfer efficiency. The supply of air is from the blowers at the shore of the pond, thereby eliminating the requirement of maintaining motors in the water as in case of other aeration systems. AirOxi Octopus Aeration can maintain a constant pressure throughout the entire system and each Octopus come secured with stainless steel fittings to a mooring station.

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Top Features of AirOxi Octopus Aeration

The AirOxi Octopus Aeration comes with some of the extremely useful features that are as listed below.

Very Easy to Maintain

The diffusers are very easy to maintain. The air to the Octopus unit needs to be shut off for servicing. Each of the legs are to be removed through their quick disconnects, and then they are serviced. The entire process is easy and takes about five minutes for each of the legs. Therefore, it is not required to shut down the entire system for servicing an Octopus unit.

Great Usage

Each of the units can set up large mixing cells, and takes care of the aerosol concerns that is associated with high speed floating aerators. The AirOxi Octopus Aeration is ideally suited for operating in cold weather and basin heat retention.

Superior Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

The oxygen transfer efficiency of an aeration system is determined by the size of the bubble and the depth of discharge. The AirOxi Octopus Aeration system allows the introduction of very fine bubbles at the lowest possible depth in the pond or aquaculture medium, thereby helping to maximise the oxygen transfer efficiency.

Energy Saving in Nature

The AirOxi Octopus Aeration comes with an energy saving technology as compared to the high speed floating aerators. With the help of fine bubble diffusers, the system takes less than half of the energy for providing the same aeration. Therefore, the AirOxi Octopus Aeration offers significant savings on energy as well as maintenance for the users.

All these stunning features of AirOxi Octopus Aeration makes it one of the best aeration solutions. AirOxi Octopus Aeration is manufactured with care maintaining all the quality standards in the best possible manner. Get in touch with AirOxi Tube to know about the appropriate usage of the product for getting the desired results.