Aeration refers to the process of increasing the oxygen saturation level of the water that is used for aquaculture or fish farming. Proper aeration plays a vital role in reducing the rate of mortality in fishes and promotes a healthy production of fishes that is quite beneficial for the fish farmers to enhance their profit. Now, at this point of time, the fish farmers are looking forward to an ideal aeration solution for their hatcheries. In this tough time of the farmers, AirOxi presents them with AirOxi Octopus which is undoubtedly one of the best aeration solutions for the hatcheries. Let us read through to find out how AirOxi Octopus helps the fish farmers to provide high-quality aeration.

About AirOxi Octopus

AirOxi Octopus Aeration is one of the new launches of AirOxi. It is a floating aeration system that offers a fine or coarse bubble diffusion. The aeration system has a stainless-steel float pod where the diffusers are installed on the bottom of the eight legs of the unit, hence the name AirOxi Octopus Aeration due presence of eight legs The best part about this new product is that the length of each of the legs can be easily as well as conveniently customised as per the needs and requirements of the fish farmers. It is to make sure that the product is able to reach to the lowest possible point in the medium of aquaculture, thereby ensuring the maximisation of bubble contact, and oxygen transfer efficiency.

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Benefits of Using AirOxi Octopus

The new AirOxi Octopus Aeration is an ideal aeration solution in all respects. In addition to this, the use of the product comes with a wide range of benefits for the fish farmers that are as listed below.

Cost Effective Option

The new AirOxi Octopus Aeration is undoubtedly one of the most cost effective options for aeration in hatcheries, thereby making it easily affordable for the fish farmers.

Highly Reliable

AirOxi Octopus is an extremely reliable which ensures the fish farmers of a highly reliable aeration solution for their hatcheries.

Extremely Efficient

AirOxi Octopus offers an efficient aeration along with a high rate of oxygen transfer efficiency. The efficiency is determined by the size of the bubble and the depth of discharge. This new product introduces fine bubbles even at the lowest possible depth in the medium of aquaculture, thereby playing a crucial role in maximising the oxygen transfer efficiency.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The product is very easy to clean and maintain which reduces both time as well as labour, hence extremely beneficial for the fish farmers.

With all these phenomenal benefits, the new AirOxi Octopus Aeration is undoubtedly one of the perfectly suited aeration solutions for the hatcheries. To know more details about the product, please get in touch with AirOxi.