Aeration tubes, as can be understood from the name, are specialized tubes that play a crucial role in aquaculture or aquaponics. These tubes play a vital role in increasing the level of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture medium. AirOxi has been a leader in providing premium quality, advanced, as well as modern aquaculture systems and solutions. The new AirOxi tubes are specially made for biofloc aquaculture, and are readily preferred by a huge volume of users.

To understand these tubes in a better manner, it is important to have an idea about biofloc culture. Biofloc culture is a special technique of enhancing the quality of water in aquaculture. It is done with the help of balancing carbon and nitrogen in the system. This technology has very recently gained a lot of popularity as a sustainable method to control the quality of water, with the added value of producing proteinaceous feed in situ. The new tubes from AirOxi plays a vital role bringing about an overall improvement in biofloc culture and hence a highly preferred option by the fish farmers. 

Top Features of AirOxi Tubes

These new tubes from AirOxi come with some fantastic features that help in biofloc aquaculture that are listed below.

Provides High Movement Aeration

The new aeration tubes from AirOxi plays a significant role in providing a high movement aeration which is immensely beneficial in biofloc culture by maintaining an appropriate level of oxygen. The adequate level of oxygen is maintained at the deeper depths in the aquaculture medium. 

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Low Clogging Tubes

These tubes from AirOxi are low clogging in nature and hence do not get clogged very easily. This, in turn, makes sure that the biofloc culture is conducted in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Due to their low clogging nature, these tubes are very easy to clean as well as maintain. 

Efficiency is Higher

AirOxi new tubes are highly efficient in nature, thereby providing biofloc culture the required aeration. This, in turn, plays a vital role in reducing the rate of mortality of fishes which is highly beneficial for the fish farmers. 

Thus, at any point of time, if you are looking forward to the high quality aeration tubes for biofloc culture, then no other option would be as good as AirOxi in this regard. AirOxi has recently come up with these new tubes that are modern and advanced to be ideally suited for biofloc culture.