Hatcheries are vital; they help nurture juvenile fish in controlled environments, the better the fish or shrimp development at the early stages the better the chances of yield when the hatchlings are transferred to the growout ponds. Hatcheries and nurseries require high oxygenation which facilitated high density fish / shrimp farming.

The most important factor is maintaining the DO levels in the tanks, the aeration solutions currently available in the market have one major limitation that is the size of the bubbles and the tubes clog easily on account of algae. Larger the bubble size could cause stress to the hatchlings – which could lead to higher mortality and reduction in quality yield, this is where our micro bubble generator can make a difference.

Our stringent testing ensures that our micro bubble generator delivers optimal performance. The use of micro bubble generator does not lead to any water movement, the bubbles are very fine and hence they give very high dissolved oxygen.

A study has shown –  an enhancement of growth in a shrimp pond proved that the energy absorbed by shrimp in a nano bubble pond is higher because of the oxygen levels available in the pond. – The study was published in Aquaculture and Fisheries website.

Take a look at our video for AirOx Micro Bubble Generator for Hatcheries:

Benefits of AirOxi Micro Bubble Generator For Hatcheries :

  • Increase of Yield
  • Enhances Health and Growth
  • Minimizes Stress for Aquatic life
  • Decrease in Mortality Rate
  • Improvement of Water Quality
  • Prevention of Pathogens and Redtide
  • Healing Effect
  • Ideal for Intensive Aquaculture

For more information on our low cost and high efficient AirOxi Micro Bubble Generator which helps in sustainable fish farming.  It can help improve survival rate, and also a positive impact on feed conversion ratio, total harvest and productivity. Call now: +91 – 7285017087