AirOxi is the word that has to come to mind when considering, high-density fish farming or high-density shrimp farming. Our product range and quality offer one of the best solutions for bio-floc tanks. AirOxi understands the business of high-density aquaculture farming very well our research and product development have helped many farmers achieve their goals without making heavy investments. Biofloc tanks need aeration tubes that ensure proper flow of DO for better aquaculture yield.

For fish and shrimp to survive and grow in a bio-floc they need ample levels of DO and over a sustained time frame. AirOxi has multiple solutions to offer to your requirement based on your need.

AirOxi launched ready to use aeration kit for bio-floc tanks. This kit consists of 1 double stage blower of size 1 HP, with 10 outlets in a 1.5” PVC pipe, 10 nos AirOxi Spider which have 20 feet of AirOxi tube, and 20 valves and 200 meters of connecting 16 mm / ½” flexible pipe. The user just needs to assemble it and install in the right manner and place of the tank to start a productive and effective aeration process.

There are a few factors that one need to consider while finalising this kit. The top three factors are the size of the tank, the shape of the tank and depth of the tank. These factors determine what kind of aeration flow is required. Based on the shape, size and depth the length, power and capacity of the kit have to be determined. If the selection of kit components is not done properly it will not yield results as expected. The aeration process will be ineffective so get in touch with our team for guidance.

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AirOxi Tubes work well with IPRS technology to maintain the captivity of feeding fish. The integration is more effective and supports the aeration process.