Better aeration facilitates fish and shrimp growth and a reduction in running costs in the long run.  Fish / shrimp growth is stunted under an environment with inadequate oxygen levels, this situation puts stress on aquatic life being cultivated.

Paddle aerators are conventional aerators which help in dissolving oxygen level and provide aeration with an aim to produce a high fish yield. But, due to its heavy build up, the dissolved oxygen level in paddle aerator is comparatively low than new advanced aerators. The reason being they are unable to dissolve oxygen at depths of ponds and tanks also the rate of dissolution is slow. Flexible design and customized function of advanced aquaculture aerators is a better option than paddle aerators. Aire-02 aerator launched in association with Aeration Industries International is designed for high density fish farming.

The huge demand and the understanding of aqua farming culture has lead AirOxi Tube to introduce the Aire-02 aerator designed in USA built with diffused aeration with directional flow. Air-02 aerator produces fine bubble aeration which helps in dissolving oxygen uniformly at the bottom of the pond. The consistent direction flow and diffused aeration produces enough oxygen which can be drawn from the surface and form into fine evenly distributed bubbles. In addition to this, the aerator helps removes excess algae production, toxic substances, mud and any other suspended particles by improving the water quality and fish growth life.

In comparison to a tradition paddle aerator, the benefits that Aire-02 aerator provides are:

  • Is designed for high density firm farming. It helps in uniform distribution of oxygen and is good for fish production like Tilapia.

  • As the aerator produces fine bubble, it helps keeping the water temperature and quality balanced and highly fertile because of its diffused aeration with directional flow.

  • The aerator helps in good mixing of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water, which helps in adequate fish production and healthy fish life.

  • As designed for depth and high-density fish, Aire-02 aerator is trusted for good dissolved oxygen at depth.

  • Aire-02 aerator comes with adjustable angle for different depths of pond. This helps farmers in hassle free installation.

  • The motor speed and strong circulation of the aerator helps in eliminating pond stratification and organic matter deposition.

Because of excess deposits of faeces and feeds there is usually deficit of oxygen level at the depth of the pond. Therefore Aire-02 aerator comes with adjustable depth installations so that needed amount of oxygen is produced and dissolved in the water. It brings relief for the farmers for making energy savings. This is because of the good circulation with less amount of water and produces low noise which helps in smooth fish production and growth.

AIRE-O2 Aerator - AirOxi Tube -Aquaculture Aeration Solutions

Aire-02 aerator is designed to work efficiently in both salt and fresh water. The power of the aerator motor is so strong that it can produce enough current through which air can be drawn from the surface and formed into fine bubble distributed evenly. Further it helps in improving water quality by producing diffused air from the bottom and the circulation created from the bubbles displaces the surrounding water. This consistent flow of the aerator creates enough oxygen at the depth of the water and services the pond to turn over by carrying cool bottom water to the surface, where it elevates the additional oxygen up from the atmosphere. This makes the dissolved oxygen always at high level.

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When it comes to fish farming nothing can be more important oxygen level, water quality and water temperature. Aire-02 aerator of AirOxi Tube provides efficiency in both fish production and water treatment because of its customized design and hi-tech function.

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