High density fish farming is basically a very well managed form of fish farming where attempts are made to achieve the maximum possible production of fish from a minimum quantity of water. In this system of fish farming, the stocking density is kept very high and hence the name. In this method of fish farming, the fish farmers look forward to a very good quality and highly functional aerator for the purpose of effective high density fish farming. So, the AIRE O2 aerator is the most the most preferred aerator by the fish farmers in Tamil Nadu when it comes to high density fish farming.

Why AIRE 02 Aerator is Preferred?

The AIRE O2 aerator is designed in such a way that it is not only highly durable in nature but also shows a great efficiency along with a phenomenal performance which gives none of the fish farmers even a single chance to complain. For this purpose, specially designed propeller is used which allows the aerator to float in the water. This propeller present in the aerator actually injects air in a stream of very high velocity bubbles which are referred to as fine bubbles. The air that is injected below the water’s surface plays a vital role in providing a very high velocity horizontal mixing thereby enabling effective oxygen dispersion into the water where high density fish farming is carried out. This in turn readily enhances the supply of dissolved oxygen into the water which is great for the prevention of mortality of fishes at the time of fish farming. Therefore, the AIRE O2 aerator is just the perfect option for the aquatic life to be at its best.

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Operational and Maintenance Cost is Low

The involvement of the AIRE O2 aerator greatly reduces the operational costs for the farmers. In an addition to this, the conventional or the traditional aeration methods involves a lot of moving parts as well as motors but the modern AIRE O2 aerator is devoid of such things. This is the reason as to why the maintenance costs and time is readily reduced. Now, when the operational and maintenance cost is very low, the fish farmers can certainly enjoy much better profits which is why these AIRE O2 aeration tubes are preferred by the fish farmers in Tamil Nadu for high density fish farming.

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