AIRE-O2 A Propeller Based Aerator The Best Equipment To Invest For Your Shrimp And Fish Farm

As we have discussed in our previous blogs AIRE-O2 by Aeration Industries International of USA is an aeration solution which has a number of benefits over a traditional paddle aerator. AIRE-O2 is a plug and play solution making it ideal for shrimp and fish farm. AIRE-O2 is one of the best aeration equipment in the recent times and AirOxi Tube has partnered with Aeration Industries International to market this the product in India.

About the Product

The AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator offers a great performance of the premium quality which is completely reliable and requires a minimum maintenance. This makes it easy for focusing on the success and survival of the shrimp or fish at the pond or farm. The product is just ideal for a healthy harvest from the pond.

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How it Works

The AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator is basically a propeller type aerator that floats in the water. The propeller of the aerator injects air in a stream of bubbles of very high velocity which is referred to as ‘fine bubble’. The air so injected is below the surface of the water which provides an extremely high velocity horizontal mixing for the purpose of dispersing oxygen throughout the pond. This in turn helps the aquatic life to be at its best.

Take a look at the advantages:

Top Benefits of Using the Product

The use of AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator provides a number of solid benefits to the users which are as listed below.

  • The operation of the product is extremely easy and convenient which does not give the users any kinds of troubles.
  • The product requires almost zero or no maintenance which is highly beneficial for the users.
  • The product is extremely flexible in nature and gives a durable performance.
  • The AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator is completely reliable in almost all sorts of unpredictable conditions.
  • The product is just great for a complete and rapid destratification of the pond resulting in the reduction of the consumption of energy.
  • Finally, the AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator is the ideal product for increasing the stocking densities, high yields and superb profits.

Superb Features to Offer

The AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator has some of the top features which makes the product even more useful.

  • The motors used in the product is of the highest quality and made in USA.
  • The product has mounting angles that can be adjusted ranging from 25 to 45 degrees which provides optimal mixing, great dispersion of oxygen and complete destratification of the ponds irrespective of its depth.
  • There is no gearbox in the product and has only one moving part.
  • The bearing present is water lubricated.
  • The product can be ideally used for zero exchange systems.
  • There are two options available. One is unifloat and the other is U float.
  • A propeller guard is present.
  • The standard model available in India is the 3 phase, 2 HP model
  • The AIRE-O2 Series II Aerator comes with one year warranty.

AIRE-O2 Aerator - AirOxi Tube -Aquaculture Aeration Solutions

Thus, it can be very well understood that the product is an ideal one for being invested as an equipment for the enhancement of the life of your pond.