AirOxi Octopus has been the latest addition to the entire collection of AirOxi aeration systems and solutions. AirOxi takes pride in being one of the leading aeration tools, systems, and solutions provider catering to the specific needs of different fish farmers. In this collection of AirOxi Octopus, the submersible aerator is the latest addition to the collection. This AirOxi submersible aerator is another of the very good aeration tool and serves great purposes in aquaculture. 

The submersible aerator from AirOxi is a specially designed aerator that submerges in water and provides the necessary aeration in the best possible manner. This new product submersible water falls under AirOxi Octopus because it has a total of eight legs and it resembles an octopus. The entire system is based on a stainless steel pod where the diffusers are installed on the bottom of eight legs on the unit. The presence of eight legs has given the name of the product. As a submersible aerator, the entire setup is submerged in water and the length of each of the legs can be customised as per the specific requirements of different fish farmers. 

How Beneficial is AirOxi Octopus Submersible Aerator?

The new AirOxi Octopus Submersible Aerator comes with superb features that are immensely beneficial for the fish farmers.

Oxygen Transfer Efficiency is High

The new AirOxi Octopus Submersible Aerator have an extremely high oxygen transfer efficiency. It is defined by the size of the water bubble and the depth of discharges. Since these are submersible, they are able to discharge water bubbles at varied depths as per the requirements. The submersible aerator helps in the introduction fine bubbles at great depths in the medium of aquaculture. This, in turn, helps in the maximisation of the oxygen transfer efficiency.

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Very Easy Maintenance

The AirOxi Octopus submersible aerator is not only very easy to install but also extremely easy to maintain. The eight legs are very easily installable as well as detachable, thereby making the product very easy to be serviceable. 

Saves a Lot of Energy

The new AirOxi Octopus Submersible Aerator comes with a special energy saving technology which is immensely beneficial for the users. The fine bubble diffusers system takes about less than half for providing the same level of aeration. 

With these fantastic benefits, the new AirOxi Octopus Submersible Aerator is ideally suited for taking of all aeration requirements of the fish farmers. So, for any kind of aeration requirements, the users are recommended to get in touch with the team of AirOxi to get exactly what they are looking forward to.