Metal powder coated ring – 1 mtr circumference

All plastic model – 1 mtr circuumference

Benefits of Self Sinking Aeration Tube

  • No worrying about installing before season
  • Install anytime
  • Decide which is best for you
  • These self sinking tubes can be installed even after the pond is filled with water. They are “drop and use” design and the rings will stay 1 foot above the pond bottom.

For pond aeration to be efficient, it is necessary that the flow of bubbles is from as low as possible. When bubbles rise from the bottom of the pond, they dissolve oxygen in the pond. This is how an aeration tube functions efficiently. However, if the tube touches the pond floor, it will disturb the soil and marine life. So to get a good lake aeration system, the pond aerator must be positioned slightly above the pond bottom.

To provide a solution for this aeration system, aquaculture technology from AirOxi uses a combination of aeration tube and self sinking design to develop an aquaculture equipment that is easy to install and use. The self sinking aeration tubing is heavy enough to sink to the pond bottom and its height is 12 inches . So when it is dropped from the  pond surface it settles on the floor at a fixed height.

Now when this aeration tubing is used with a blower, the bubbles rise from as low as practical and dissolve oxygen on their way up. This makes it a very efficient mechanism for a lake aeration system.

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