AirOxi Floating Diffuser Grid

Product Name : AirOxi Floating Diffuser Grid
Product Code : AO-FDG-10-50
10 lines of Aeration tube in 1 grid, with 0.5 HP blower
Ready to use Aeration Grid with floats, specially designed for immediate use. Just connect to power supply and it starts highly efficient aeration.

Usage instructions for better results

  • Modular design for easy assembly and storage
  • Approximately 1 unit for 750 Kg of biomass (theoretical calculation).
  • No piping or separate blower required
  • High flow and small bubble size – Tube size 12.5 x 25 mm – 10 mtrs
  • 0.5 HP / 0.375 KW, 3 phase or single phase motor.
  • Low noise – 65 db. Total weight – 22 Kg .
  • Stays 1 mtr down from pond surface
  • Option of SS-304 full frame or only top frame
  • Non- return valve to separate blower from water
  • Sturdy leak proof high wall thickness UPVC pipes and fittings to minimize air loss

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