AirOxi Tubes

AirOxi Tubes is made from a special blend of polymers and additives to give it micro holes. AirOxi Tube is RoHS certified.

The micro holes are made to perfection with the special formulation, to ensure small bubble size and high Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR) and high Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE). As a result, the increase in DO is three times faster, and that too with  less than half the power used in traditional paddle aerators.

We offer 2 standard products.

Other sizes can be made to order.

Sr No. Product Code Inside Diameter (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Standard coil length
1 AO125250 12.5 mm (1/2″) 25 mm (1″) 50 mtrs
2 AO125250 – AR (Algae Resistant) 12.5 mm (1/2″) 25 mm (1″) 50 mtrs

The deeper the installation, the better the % of oxygen dissolved. If you are not sure about the depth, it is best to go with the higher thickness tube.

Approximately, for fresh water,

  • at 1.5 feet – 4% of oxygen dissolves
  • at 3.5 feet – 8% of oxygen dissolves

(This is approximate and based on various studies. You can get more details from studies online)

General Specification

  • Since the pipe already has holes, there is no burst pressure that can be calculated, but for theoretical / test purposes we can consider burst pressure to be 4 to 8 Kg/ cm2 depending on the size used
  • Maximum recommended length of installation per tube – 25 feet Recommended distance between each tube in the pond – 10 to 20 feet when installed in long lines or rings and 4 inches when installed as grids
  • Quantity of pipe used depends on blower size. If you use less pipe then required for the blower, it will put load on the blower

Some Approximate Values are Given Here :

  • 5 HP blower Minimum– Minimum 80 mtrs Airoxi Tube
  • 7.5 HP blower Minimuma –Minimum 150 mtrs Airoxi Tube
  • 10 HP blower Minimum– Minimum 210 mtrs Airoxi Tube
  • These are just approximate values and will change from model, type and brand of Blower. Please consult the blower manufacturer for accurate information.

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