AirOxi Tube – AirOxi Flexible Hose Diffuser

The flexible hose diffuser is a fine bubble diffuser that is widely used in many aeration applications. Whether for ETP/ STP or for aquaculture use in nurseries, hatcheries or RAS system, it is a very efficient diffuser with 3 unique properties:

 1) It is self-sinking because it is made of a fabric and a ballast

2) It is easy to clean. Hard substances like carbonates and other hardness which clogs diffusers are difficult to remove on other diffusers. But with the Flexible Hose Diffuser you can just twist and turn it and the hard layer will flake off

3) Built in Non Return Valve (NRV)

The flexible hose diffuser has an inlet of ¼” and a bubble size of about 1 mm which gives it high Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR)

The main body is made of plastic and SS and the top surface is fabric to give that easy to clean property while being heavy enough to sink, and flexible enough to bend as required.

Technical Parameters

  • Amount of water lifted with 1 cubic meter of air passing through the diffuser is: 20 m3/hr at 5 mtr depth. 40m3/hr at 10 mtr depth and 100m3/hr of water at 20 mtr depth of the diffuser.
  • The diffuser is 32 mm outside diameter (1 ¼”) and is made of flexible body, fabric and ballast to keep it anchored to the bottom.
  • The standard length is 3 mtr with a weight of 4.5 Kg. Air flow in 3 mtr length is 9 m3/hr. Standard inlet is ¼” of barbed fitting.
  • At 50% oxygen saturation and 20 degree Celsius temperature, the quantity of oxygen dissolving per day for a 3 mtr tube is: 18 Kg at 2 mtr depth ; 22 Kg at 3 mtr depth; 27 Kg at 4 mtr depth ;
  • The Flexible Hose Diffuser is compatible with both rotary / ring / side channel blowers and also with root / twin lobe blowers. For high water depth more than 5 mtrs it is recommended that you use a screw compressor.
  • The product life is around 10 years and it is compatible with Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.

AirOxi Flexible Hose Diffuser-AirOxi Tube Aeration Solution

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