AirOxi Tube – AirOxi Ceramic Plate Diffuser

Ceramic Plate Diffuser is an extremely fine bubble diffuser and is often referred to as a Micro-bubble diffuser. It is made of a ceramic plate with very small micro holes, not even easily visible to the naked eye
It is easy to clean. Because it is made of ceramic, very few substances can actually stick to it and those that do, can be wiped off easily or scrubbed with a nylon brush.
Their high oxygen transfer characteristic makes them ideal for use in hatcheries and RAS systems. Aerating the reservoir is also an efficient way to add Dissolved Oxygen (DO) to the system


Usage instructions for better results


  • The ceramic plate diffuser has an inlet of ¼” and a bubble size of 10 to 20 microns mm which gives it very high Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate (SOTR). Because of such small size of holes and bubbles, the gas / air / oxygen remains suspended in the water for very long hence increasing the gas trans
  • The designed air flow in each plate is about 35 ltrs / minute. The main body is made of ceramic and the border is made of plastic. The product size is 350 mm length x 115 mm width with the plastic border. The actual diffuser area is 300 mm x 60 mm. The plate is heavy enough to stay at the bottom wit
  • Since the holes are small, the pressure required to operate the diffuser is also high. So regular twin lobe or root or ring blowers are not compatible with these plate diffusers.
  • The continuous operating pressure required is of 6 PSI and above is quite high so instead of blowers, these plates are used with either oxygen / ozone generators or with cylinders of air, oxygen, ozone etc. For example, with a 10 ltr/minute Oxygen generator, one can connect a maximum of 4 plates.
  • Burst pressure is above 50 PSI (4 Kg/cm2). The product life is around 10 years and it is compatible with Air, Oxygen, Ozone, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide

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