Enhancing the supply of Dissolved oxygen or DO is essential for preventing mortality of fish and shrimps that are being cultivated. At AirOxi Tube we create products that offer reliable solutions for aeration in Aquaculture. Bolstered by experienced professionals, AirOxi Tube ensures clients with a commendable Aeration tube quality. The tube for Aquaculture which we offer, is made with the help of best combination of quality and technology.

At AirOxi Tube, we perform a double check to promise superiority in efficiency as well as performance. To make sure of this, we use distinctive amalgamation of raw materials and techniques to develop numerous pores across the hose length. Such minute pores enable effective air transfer into water. With the combination of aeration tubing with effective pure air blower, one will be able to create high level efficiency as well as a method of low cost. Our aeration tubes are offered in various sizes, from 10 mm inner diameter to 25 mm inner diameter. And from 18 mm outer diameter to 38 mm outer diameter, air flow rates from 500 ltr / hour to 3 cum/ hr, and a bubble size of 1mm. The quality of an Aeration Tube is determined by several factors.

The smaller size of bubble increases the surface area and assures superiority in oxygen quality into water, giving fresh oxygen to the fish or shrimps that are being cultivated. Thus, for augmenting the efficiency of Aeration systems, we use fine bubbles to expend minimal energy. Our Aeration tubes addresses these valuable goals for a longer life as well as low maintenance.

AirOxi manufacturers 3 main sizes or varieties of aeration tubes for Aquaculture purposes are:

  1. High efficiency regular tube, made in the international size of ½” x 1” size. The micro bubbles of around 1 mm ensure that the high efficiency is achieved in oxygen transfer.
  2. Algae Resistant Tubes: This product is created for doing the aeration process which comprises of an elevated algae level. The tubes are resistant to the growth of Algae to some extent. This helps avoids tube cleaning during the culture.
  3. High flow large size aeration tube: Some types of culture like bio floc require very high aeration. This large size tube is a unique product developed by AirOxi for such applications. With twice the diameter of any international sized tube, 4 times the flow area and 50% more circumference it is the ideal choice for any culture that needs high aeration like nurseries, bio floc or ultra-high stocking density grow out ponds

The Latest In Aeration Tubes For Aquaculture - AirOxi Tube Aeration Solutions

We also assist with aeration tube installation. We provide all the necessary fittings to create the setup of aeration tube installation. The standard fittings we use includes jointer, T, rubber grommet, end plug, reducer etc.  They are built from durable and high strength polymers which assures sustainability.

The benefits which you are likely to experience from our line of Aeration tube products for Aquaculture are:

  1. A large number of micro holes developed through our high-quality process of manufacturing. This is used to offer a minimal resistance created when air is pushed via tubing. Less resistance equals less demand in energy.
  2. The size of the micro hole that we have for our manufacturing tubes are of a small diameter. Due to such size, the oxygen transfer process is more efficient. The small bubbles also take a greater time to rise, after they are dropped into water.