The fish farmers are very much concerned about the survival and the growth rate of fishes in the nurseries. This is because the growth as well as the survival rate of the fishes play a significant role in the overall fish production during fish farming. Thus, it becomes extremely important to go for proper aeration of the pond or the place of aquaculture. Aeration helps to infuse oxygen into the pond which is highly beneficial for the aqua life. At this point of time, the AirOxi Tube comes to the rescue of the fish farming. The AirOxi tube provides an efficient and effective aeration in the pond so as ensure the survival and growth of the fishes. Now, to understand how AirOxi tube helps in the survival and growth in nurseries, you need to read through.

Reduces the Pond Muck

With the passage of time, all the nutrients in pond starts accumulating at the bottom of the pond which become muck. This is harmful for the fishes in the pond. Aeration helps in combating muck and several other decomposing debris by the proper circulation of water. This in turn promotes the colonization of the good anaerobic bacteria that consumes the accumulated nutrients thereby helping in the reduction of muck and prevent it from accumulating further.

Improves the Quality of Water

The AirOxi tube aeration solutions play a vital role in improving the overall quality of water which is extremely vital for the growth and survival of fishes in the pond. The accumulation of nutrients not only becomes muck but they also remain suspended in the pond causing the pond to become murky. This might lead to the formation of weeds and algae which are harmful for the health of the fishes. Here aeration tube helps in the circulation of water which improves the quality and clarity of water thereby inhibiting the growth of unwanted weeds as well as algae.

Boosts the Levels of Dissolved Oxygen

The tubes help in the boosting up of the level of dissolved oxygen in the pond which is of immense importance for the sustenance of the fishes. Additionally, it helps the good bacteria survive as well. Thus, our aeration tubes incorporates efficient aeration into the pond which increases the dissolved oxygen content that keeps the pond functioning like a proper and healthy aerobic system hence great for the aqua life.

Elimination of Thermocline

Thermocline is referred to as the border between the warmer surface water and the colder deeper water. The difference between the temperature in the levels of water decreases the chances of survival of the fishes. With the AirOxi tube proper aeration is induced in the pond with proper circulation of water which mixes the water uniformly thereby maintaining a proper temperature throughout each of the layers of the pond.

Reduces Mortality of Fishes

The mortality rate of fishes in a pond is mostly linked with low levels of oxygen. The AirOxi tube helps in the maintenance of sufficient levels of oxygen in the pond so as to make sure that enough oxygen is made available to the fishes for its survival. Thus, the AirOxi tube plays a significant role in reducing the mortality of fishes and ensures their healthy survival.

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