Some terms about fish landing center

This is a place where the poundage fishes are brought by the fisherman. There are two types of fisherman one is professional and the other is recreational and they both use this landing center for unloading the fishes. The landings are to be reported to the locations where they are being brought. The fishes are unloaded at these centers from different parts of the country and after this they are distributed in the selling areas and these are regulated by the government. These are very essential part for the fisheries business because fresh fishes are provided in the adjacent selling centers. There are some facilities that can also be taken by the fisherman at these landing centers like storing and platforms. It helps in increasing the aquaculture and economy of the country.

The need of fish landing center in Andhra Pradesh

There are some real time statistics that states about the condition of Andhra Pradesh effectively. According to these facts the states has been contributing in aquaculture and this contribution is huge. The farmers here are more connected with Fish farming rather than natural farming and the reason is abundant water resources and coastal areas. The total land that is under fresh water is eighty two thousand hectares and this is huge. The state has fish landing centers but there is a requirement of more so that the fish farmers can get benefitted and make huge profits.

Other drilling reasons that are contributing in growth

Conversion– The general gossips that is made by the farmers in Andhra Pradesh is about conversion because they feel that fish farming enables them to earn more profit and this is enough for their survival. This sort of conversion is not possible with the rice and other sort of farming.

  • Increment in the industry- In few years the aquaculture industry has grown massively and it has risen up to 561 crore Rupees from 346 crore.Some huge investments are also possible and they can start up twenty more units in the state and this is beneficial from all the aspects. Fishfarming can really be beneficial for the state and the government is looking forward for this.

Emergence of the state

It is true that the state is rich in both land and a water resource but there is a ready land that can directly be used for aquaculture. Apart from this, this will also help in reducing the labor costs and with the help of this profit can be maximized easily. Operating costs will also become less and the huge coastal areas will help in this. Therefore, looking at these factors there are some major companies that are developing the art of aquaculture in the state and this will make Andhra Pradesh a leader in fisheries.

Contribution of AirOxi and the pros associated with it-

Oxygen Tubes for Aquaculture which is a aeration solution provided by AirOxi Tube is specially created for commercial purpose – keeping the running cost low and the yields higher. The efficiency rate is high in fresh water as well as in salt water. Therefore, Oxygen Tubes for Aquaculture from AirOxi Tube can be easily adopted by fish farmers and with the help of this technology the fisheries sector can be developed faster.

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