Fish farming or aquaculture is one of the very popular industries. The increasing demand for fishes by the customers put a lot of pressure on the fish farmers for the intensification of the production of fishes. The production of fishes can be increased as long as there is sufficient amount of oxygen, ample fresh water, and sufficient good quality food. For an increased production of fish, regulated fish farming is of immense importance. This is because of the reduction of negative impact on the environment as a result of oxygen depletion, thereby making sure that the fishes do not suffer from an improper balance of oxygen. It is exactly at this point of time when the oxygen concentrators come to the rescue of the fish farmers. The oxygen concentrators play a crucial role in raising the fishes in oxygen rich environment, thereby making sure that the fishes are not only healthy, but also taste good.

AirOxi always stands beside the fish farmers and makes sure that the none of the farmers face any kind of trouble at the time of fish farming. AirOxi manufactures premium quality oxygen concentrators of various sizes to suit the needs of the fish farmers in the best possible manner. The oxygen concentrators so manufactured are completely safe and strictly adhere to the specified standards. This, in turn, makes sure that the generators not only serve the intended purpose of use in the best possible manner, but also make work easier for the fish farmers eliminating their worries about the mortality of the fishes. Therefore, the oxygen concentrators are of great benefit to the fish farmers to a significant extent.

Specialised Features of the Oxygen concentrators

The industrial oxygen concentrators from AirOxi come with some specialised features that are as listed below.

  • The generator comes with a built-in oil free compressor
  • It has a built-in refrigerated air dryer
  • Oxygen concentration ranging from 87 to 93 percent
  • The generator has a very high efficiency Pressure Swing Absorption or PSA oxygen concentrator unit
  • Pressure of the oxygen at the outlet less than or equal to 0.1 MPA
  • The molecular filter has a long life of approximately 20000 hours
  • The generator has a complete panel board with a working indicator, On/Off indicator, power indicator, oxygen flow meter, voltmeter, fuse, power input, ampere meter, and an oxygen outlet

The industrial oxygen concentrator from AirOxi has everything to make it a perfect match for aquaculture.

Benefits of Oxygen concentrators

There are a number of benefits that the fish farmers get when they use the oxygen concentrators. So, let us find out the exact benefits of using oxygen concentrators that are as listed below.

  • The oxygen concentrators are extremely helpful in maintaining an optimal level of dissolved oxygen in the medium of aquaculture. It is extremely important for the survival of the fishes, and maintain an overall good health at the same time.
  • The levels of dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture medium is uniformly distributed throughout with the help of the oxygen concentrators, thereby making extremely beneficial for the healthy living of the fishes in the medium of aquaculture, thereby ensuring higher yield.
  • The use of oxygen concentrators for fish farming plays a crucial role to increase the oxygen content in the medium of aquaculture as compared to an air fed aeration system. This, in turn, makes the oxygen concentrators extremely useful in fish farming.
  • At the time of using 93 percent of oxygen, the partial oxygen pressure increases the natural saturation limit in the water by a factor of four as compared to aeration with just air. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator is quite useful when the temperature of water is high in the summer season, and the capacity of holding dissolved of the water is low.
  • In the winter season, the oxygen concentrators are quite helpful in prevention of formation of ice. The prevention of formation of ice makes sure that none of the fishes die because of extreme cold and ice.
  • Ultimately, the existing oxygen concentrator allows easy providing of feed gas for the purpose of disinfection.

Moreover, the generators help to quickly increase the dissolved oxygen in water, and therefore suitable as a standby unit in case of power failure. Additionally, a low power consumption means it can be used even on inverter if required. These generators provide from AirOxi provide low cost oxygen generation, thereby offering huge cost savings when used for seed packing and transportation. Thus, it can be very clearly understood as to how beneficial are the oxygen concentrators for fish farming or aquaculture.

Why Choose AirOxi?

AirOxi is a leading name in providing top quality aquaculture solutions for the best results. AirOxi would undoubtedly be a great choice at the time when it comes to aquaculture solutions. AirOxi provides the fish farmers with easy to use tools and equipment that are extremely effective. So, whenever there is a requirement of the best aquaculture solutions, AirOxi is the ultimate place to come to.